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Still Expecting

Still Expecting by Terrill Welch

Still Expecting

Tightening, around your pulse;
I am a factory.

Breaths and blood,
Disease and disorders,
Nourishment and necessities

The smallest of hands,
The caricature of toes,

Never alone,
As you crystallize
Into existence.



I wrote this for Sunday Scribbling, for the “Captivate” Challenge.

On of my Twitter friends TERRILL WELCH shot the photo above. This is her daughter.

Terrill also links to the poem on her Redbubble Page.

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dVerse Meeting the Bar: Writing Emotion

Out There

Out There

Disembodied spheres,
without bound.

Causal nexus-continuity.

Extrasensory induction.
Encapsulated in momentariness.

A realm
in constant
barrel jammed full
of ordinary colors.

Out there.


I originally wrote this for the Sunday Scribblings challenge called distant.

Then linked it on

dversepoets open link night week 2

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Rainbow in Rainy Clouds Haiku


across grey clouds

rainbow hangs in sky



This haiku was posted for The Purple Treehouse Poetic Forms : HAIKU

The picture  from:

Those Shoes

Those Shoes

The first step propelled me
into an assemblage
of misty columns,
terrifying bone-white vapors,
and sadistically whining
two-faced tears.

The next step was a leap
into an arid sandy valley
where the brutish winds
set spiders twitching
and rattlers hiding
beneath the moldy thistle.

I stepped into an ocean
commanded by microseismic eruptions
and prosaic waves converted
into hyperactive disruptive
mudslides of the continental shelves.

In vain, I did attempt to step
back into civilization
whence overwhelming fright
nullified my ability
to untie the laces
and remove those shoes.


A quicky Sunday morning write up (again, instead of writing my screenplay) for

dversepoets “Poetics – On your feet.”

Brian Miller challenged the poets to write a poem with shoes as the inspiration.

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The Gooseberry Garden
Poetry Picnic Week 29: Art, Music, and Poetry By Kavita and Olivia

Where did I get the images? I’ll admit. Yesterday, along with the local ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) I was present for a briefing by a NOAA scientist He was trying to recruit volunteer weather watchers.  Did I sign up to volunteer as a storm watcher? Those of you who know me, can guess, with confidence.

Oh, yeah…if you couldn’t guess, this is a metaphor for taking control of your own life, psychological state of being, and all that mental health theory.

Georgeson Island

Incomparable View by: Terrel Welch

Georgeson Island

Waters calm.
Skies on fire.

Public park.
Private scene.

Early summer.
Evening sun.

Transitory break.
Solitary island.

Incomparable view.
Fleeting moment.


Posted for:

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 37

One of my Twitter friends TERRILL WELCH photographed the above photo. Last time, I wrote a poem about one of her paintings,Henderson Hill, this time, for this particular photo.

Terrill thinks the best link for this poem might be:

Dog Helps Elephant

Dog and Elephant at Country Nights

Dog Helps Elephant

Poor baby elephant
taken from mama;
gotta get away
from the circus drama.

Elephants need
a social surrounding,
not where crowds
are loudly resounding.

Baby is scared
to be away so long.
The circus crowd
is a great big throng.

So puppy comes ‘round.
He can find the way,
to get baby back
to baby’s herd far away.

They wander together,
over land and sea,
to get to the spot
where they’ll find mommy.

The trunk holds the tail,
which therefore can’t wag.
But the Doggie moves on.
Neither friend can lag.

They finally come upon,
a low rumbling sound.
It the herd’s way of talking,
so they can be found.

Then baby looks high.
And baby looks low
‘til finally mama’s face
begins to glow.

They are reunited,
thanks to canine friend,
who stays with the herd
for days on end.


This was posted for  for:

Short Story Slam Week 6-Children’s Literature

You were supposed to write a story or poem based on the picture above.

Even though you aren’t supposed to write these if you are a serious writer or poet, I really have fun writing these. They are totally stress free and fun.

The coolest thing about this poem is that I got to write and post an Animal Rights poem, my first one.  Yay!!!

Kaleidoscopic Flower Haiku

Wild Flower Bulb Mix

 showers bring flowers

 from bulbs planted early fall



This haiku was posted for The Purple Treehouse:

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ABC Wednesday: K is for kinks

Photo Credit:  EvolutionaryParenting – Facebook Page

The picture comes from: – wildflower bulbs

Yeah, I know, the title is almost as long as the poem. Such it is with Haiku.

Rachel’s Ladder

Rosie Hardy - Self Portrait

Rachel’s Ladder

     I. When There Is

No darkness without light.
No rest without sleep.
No dreams without love.
No madness without obsession.
No miracles without imagination.

    II. The Builders

Angles and machines build
a nimbus on my breath.
A cherub sends a raincloud.
Archangels bleed excess

   III. The Rest Place

To return
without denial
to a warm body.
My head on a cushion
soul and joy are one.

    IV. The Twin Flame

In dreamland
our silver threads meet:
A love affair in corporeality.


I think this is the last One Stop Poetry Challenge for Sunday:

This is the:  Sunday Photography Interview: Rosie Hardy & Poetry Challenge

I got the picture from her website, specifically, the Self-Portrait Section:


Solar Activity Impacts Earth's Magnetic Field


Powerful magnetic forces tangled
in the solar wind, fracture and shatter
then rejoin with vengeance till flares, mangled
and twisted in bits of stellar matter,
pop-off on the solar surface. It’s jazz
played with frenzied brutality. It’s twitching
epileptically toward the poles. Viewed as
dynamic motions, it keeps enriching
catastrophic solar events. The sun
is miasmic. It is a complex beast.
It churns and quivers. It stops for no one.
A ball of hydrogen, to say the least!
Fluids ebb and flow on a disc shaped star,
materials suddenly fling out far.


 The Sun is a seething ball of ionized gas, called plasma, and has very complex magnetic fields that interact with this plasma.  The Solar activity impacts the magnetic fields of the Earth. It also has significant influence on Earth’s weather.

The picture comes from:

More Than

Greater Than Sign

More Than

More than a fork makes a pie crust flake.
More than sugar in chocolate.
More than goats eat anything.
More than bears eat honey.
More than your soft lips.
More than riches.
More than health.
More than.


This is for: Form Monday – Nonet hosted by Corbie Sinclair – on this page –

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Open Link Monday Dec 12, 2011

The form goes like this:  ABCDEFGHI or alpha numerical form, so each line is a different ending word. The corresponding syllables are 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.  If this doesn’t make sense, go to the link above, and they will explain it in other ways.

As for the amazing artwork above, I did it. It’s too inventive, I know. If there were something better, something else, I would have chosen that.