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Fireman- Delivered


Had you been delivered in the swirl of a dustbowl
         On the brightest bands of the rainbow
         On the sharpest rays of the sun
I could not be more in awe of your radiance.

If your words were more wise
then the combined encyclopedic summary of all sagacity
I could not be more attentive to your discourse.

Were your voice deeper than the trembling of the earth
          Or the rumbling of a collapsing glacier
          Or the trumpet of a bull elephant
I would think you no more a man.

If there were a dictionary of laudations, praise and exaltation:
There would not be sufficient words to express my respect for you.

Would the softness of your caring be more tender,
were you kindness more nurturing,
I would never wean of your love,
think only this of me.


I posted this for: monday-morning-writing-prompt – “writing-a-feeling”

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Prompt # 117

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Picture from :  New York Daily News  Firefighter Official Calendar

At the Divorce Lawyer’s

Divorce Law

At the Divorce Lawyer’s

A heavenly nymph
walked in one day
requesting to divorce
a spouse who went astray.

She had surmised,
this bad digression
when she had discovered
a seeping infection.

He was a piano player,
and often on the road.
The way she told this,
she was going to explode.

“This state doesn’t like
to award alimony,
but child support is high
if there is patrimony.”

“Oh, no that won’t work.
Our marriage was chaos.
We never had any children,”
A history filled with pathos.

I opened the icebox.
I gave her a cool drink.
She took it with zeal
and started to think.

Then she stood up
walked to the window;
starred outside,
at the lovely meadow.

When her half hour was over,
she went to the door,
smiled, stepped out
and came back no more.

It was this hindrance
that was the result
I no longer provide,
half hour free consult.


This little poem is for three prompts:

I oringally wrote this poem for Monday Morning Writing Prompt “random-creativity” which said to randomly take words out of a dictionary and then make a poem out of it. Instead of using a dictionary, I used the Paivio et al  Word List, in other words, a Random Word Generator.

the words were:

nymph, alimony, piano, history, hindrance, infection, chaos, meadow, heaven, icebox Generator.

Purple Tree House “welcome” asked for something funny, so I posted it on that day.


They asked for “Call – Response” asked for “a call & response poem, a poem with two or more people interacting – verbal or nonverbal.” This certainly fit the bill for that.

the picture is from Family Divorce Lawyers.  I picked this picture because I’ve been doing a lot of legal research lately at UCLA law library, and it reminded me of where I go to in the stacks.

I really didn’t know where the story was going when I wrote it, but it took a twist, so I hope that redeems the silliness in this exercise. It’s a good exercise, I just don’t know how funny I am in my writing. When in doubt, there’s always rhyming, so that’s what I did here.


Giorgio de Chirico 1927 'Gladiators and Lion', Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan


You can never be too festive.
Define yourself
by excess.

Weep ‘til your nosebleeds.
Drink ‘til depraved.
Eat until it impairs.

Don’t purge milk and honey.
Loll to perfect rolling tones.
Contradict attachment.

It’s easier than sitting down.
It’s easier than fighting.
Annihilate the ugly.


Written for:


The challenge was to write a poem inspired by Giorgio de Chirico – the man, his art or one of his works in particular. The website is:

Picture, with all rights reserved, from:  flickr – hanneorla

Joy From Acts of Pleasure

Riding The Beast

Joy From Acts of Pleasure

Must I always pray for pleasure?

Then pay for deliverance with remorse?

Or rather, look for pleasure

With spontaneity?

Fuse with it, like truth and justice?

Mount it like a wild beast?

And ride it with poetic pain?


I wrote this for the  challenge called pleasure.

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Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Justice, or Poetic Justice

The picture is from:

No Ovation

No Ovation

Look, Dr. Zero
I’m in an evening gown.
He’s in a toga, strumming,
the bass line;
disco: still a dream.
He hadn’t grayed, yet
He only looked like a lion.
He tripped on the coax.
Flashes of light.
Puffs of smoke.
Some antenna fell down.
Transmission was insignificant.
I never lost hold of the mike.
They got full emotion.
I got no ovation.


I wrote this for the  challenge called standing ovation.

The picture is from high school. I was singing in a concert or talent show and everyone said there was feedback, and no one could hear me.

Numb Inducing

Numb Inducing

Numb inducing expectations
accumulate like broken glass
on a marble tile floor.

Cut nerves of your skin
self-repair like lines of ants
following in an unnatural path.

I shrink to their level —
work in the mulch, in the compost.

Sadly my eyes drop; you fill me
with little shots of pain as
I carry ten times more than you need.


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 dversepoets “meeting-the-bar-critique-and-craft”

The challenge was to write a poem that participants can critique and fix.

So here is my post. I apologize to anyone who is looking for the types of poems you are used to seeing here. This is exactly the kind of thing I never wanted to post online, and also, I no longer write this kind of poetry. I wrote this in 2001 and never bothered to fix it up. So please, have at it. How do I fix this?  I can only learn from what you have to say.

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Jenny Matlock

Thursday Letter – N

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Teach Kids To Think About Giving In Every Aspect of their Lives

Jungle Party Theme Cake

Children’s Jungle Party

(a short play or podcast)

Julie: I’m looking for a way to teach my kids to think about giving in every aspect of their lives.

Nichole: Weren’t you planning a birthday party for your son Howie?

Julie: Yes…

Nichole: You should add a charitable element to your celebration.

Julie: Intriguing, how do I do that?

Nichole: I’ve heard that some people, rather than accept more junky toys to clutter their houses, are asking friends and family to adopt an endangered animal in honor or the birthday boy or girl.

Julie: Wow! That’s a good idea.

Nichole: Of course. It’s a brilliant idea, if I may say so myself.

Nichole and Julie giggle

Nichole: And you know most of these charities give adoption gifts, like stuffed snow leopards and baby gorillas. Have the kids bring the adoption gifts and then use them as party decor. Then, donate the stuffed animals to the children’s hospital.

Julie: I like that. So.  Hmmm…it would mean, a jungle theme for decor too. That would be easy…a few coconuts, a bunch or two of bananas, plastic safari hats, and colorful plastic monkeys for the centerpiece.

Nichole: Yeah, now you’ve got your creative jungle juices flowing.

Julie: For more color, we can throw around safari balloons.

Nichole: That’s it. Keep it simple.

Julie: What do I do if the kids get hyper?

Nichole: If you bring hula hoops and beach balls you can keep the kids moving. Have them dance to music from movies like Jungle Book and Lion King.

Julie: I can also bring in musical instruments and have them make their own jungle music.

Nichole: Or have them bring their own instruments.

Julie: You’re right, some take lessons and have their own. I’ll bring extra…

Nichole:…like percussion?

Julie: Yeah…for the ones who don’t have any. You know, I saw a recipe for making a jungle themed cake on a cooking show.

Nichole: Cool. And for after the cake, if you bring old national geographic magazines and butcher block paper along with paper crayons, washable markers, and glue stick “creative kit bags,” they can walk away with their own creative designs and with the kits.

Julie: This is all such a great idea. Just one thing I don’t know if I can get ready.

Nichole: What’s that?

Julie: Get Howie ready for a party with no presents…


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Thursday Short Story Slam Week 7

You were supposed to write a story or poem based on the picture above. So I wrote a little play. Hope they don’t mind.

Since the Animal Rights community liked my previous poem, I wrote this with an AR theme.

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