Ms. Ellie Shrillcock

Woman Yelling

Ms. Ellie Shrillcock

A woman of the highest squeakery
has a big problem:
Although she’d thoroughly
Invest every cent
In hard-core sentimentality.

Ms. Ellie Shrillcock, single mom and sentimental
piece of ass had her squeaky
butt wiped off her centripetal
self. Now, she probably
rides like a thoroughbred
race horse on the mend.

Flesh-like jerks, with mighty menhoods,
steer her with phemerones as they sniff scentless
silk tulips. Her house is a thoroughfare –
her boys try to keep it squeakily-clean.
Where is she sleeping tonight? Probably
not in her own bed. This past century

who was your first centaur,
Ms. Shrillcock? Was he a menace
with a torturing proboscis?
Or was he a sentinel
with the squeakiest
fiddle, thoroughly

quivering beneath your tight skirt? With thoroughness
you lazily transcribe central
bureaucratic formats. Squeaker,
with the lurid voice, that mental
patient whose final sentences
are compounded by problems,

is the only one you comprehend. How probable
for you to fall thoroughly
from elegance to sleaze. You were sent
to a celebration of centennial
proportions, for rugged men
who spent several years getting the squeak

out of their problematic voices. A cent
will buy you a thorough morality mentor
to exhume your inessential nasal squeakiness.


Written and Posted for:

 D’verse Poets Pub

Hosted by Gay Cannon. Her sestina variation being  Art in 5.7.5 – Sestina Variation

Picture Credit blindgossip

I wrote thins in 1994 about…well, someone with a squeeky annoying voice, who had some issues. Let’s just leave it at that.

Please feel free to comment, and help me be a better poet.

Also posted on Poetry Picnic Week 8: Friends, Relationships and Everyone around

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  1. I’m loving the variety in the sestinas I’m reading here today! Great. Upon re-reading this, I tried to remember what novel explored womens’ orgasmic screams and their effect on their partners. I can’t remember what it was. I hate it when that happens.

    You know I always like your work and the variety of line length and the subject’s voice prevent this from sounding in any way singsong. Today it’s all about variety and variations. This form is loved by modern poets and we all love to change it up. Thanks for the smile and the swell way you “changed it up”!

  2. Enjoyed this variation of the sestina!

  3. ‘highest squeakery’ a great pairing and I especially enjoyed how you changed up the words (made it more interesting). Thank you.

  4. Excellent job here. Great tone and love some of the alterations made from the initial set. Really enjoyed your Sestina, thanks for the read

  5. “squeakery” is a fantastic word. Loved the content, flow and originality of your sestina. Thanks!

  6. I too loved “squeakery”. A wonderful tingy sound to it. The change-ups were a great variation on the end words and line length. Truly fascinating to see so many different approaches to this form, really shows the possibilities.

  7. haha this is awesome…loved it..and i really need to know what book gay is referring to…lol…squeakery is awesome!

  8. This was a trip to read–very deft and clever word-work. Enjoyed your transforming each word uniquely per stanza. “How probable/ for you to fall thoroughly /from elegance to sleaze…” is my fave here.

  9. I know a woman in her mid thirties who puts on a high pitched voice on the telephone. It’s so high, I never know if I’m talking to her or one of her daughters, I find it very disconcerting to say the least.
    Very blunt, intricate write and and enjoyable read. 🙂

  10. i really liked the variations on squeak and your thick images.

  11. WoW! Some powerful imagery here.

    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Woman As My Friend And Lover

  12. Completely unexpected, and completely enjoyable – in fact, I loved it!

  13. This has some powerful images here and I love the squeaky voice and I know my sister can do this one and it drives me crazy so I did enjoy this so much thanks

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