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Rolling Hills Of Flowers


Squeeze the oil from the seed after you

Undress the shinning flower.

No food is comparable.

Fibrous, fun and functional.

Loaded with Vitamins A,E and C.

Oily healthy and nutritious.

With fats, proteins and minerals

Everyone should be eating them.

Roasted and salted is best.


This form is an acrostic. Inspired by the one written by Laurie Kolp:

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The Thursday Think Tank  #64 – “Sunflower”

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Carry On Tuesday # 131 Prompt – The summer flower has run to seed
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prompt – “health”

Picture credit:  National Sunflower Association – Photo LibraryBlooming-Field

Red Time

Red Time

If time were red, could it be mapped? How would we find tomorrow?
Would the surface climb be as steep as Mount Kilimanjaro?
Could we race upon its surface? Or slide down a sheer incline?
Would shadows hide pernicious years when suns won’t rise and shine?
If time were mapped like paths in space, could we go back and forth?
In terms of time, what relates to up/down East/ West, South/ North?
We’ve heard of worm-holes and black holes, where space is brutalized.
In terms of time, will this scheme apply? Can a plan be utilized?
If time were red and twisted, could we share another day,
with someone we love and miss? Could the heartache ever go away?


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Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday for November 24, 2011 – TOMORROW

I made the map on MATLAB:

[X,Y] = meshgrid(-8:.5:8);
R = sqrt(X.^2 + Y.^2) + eps;
Z = sin(R)./R;
camlight left; lighting phong
Plus, I rotated AZ -36  El 58

Lillian Gish

Lillian Gish

Born in the right era,
with ethereal beauty and grace,
Lillian was a glorious actress
with the most angelic face.

She suffered for performing arts
a player with much obsession,
the quintessential heroine
in a time of Great Depression.

Her characters were often weak,
though her strength each time, came through.
Her popular films would guarantee
a magnificent, gracious review.

Archetypal damsel in distress,
a delicate flower of docility,
she fainted on a heaping ice floe
with self-sacrificing nobility.

She cowered before a brutal bounder.
She languished in a garret.
She was the original prototype
for the legendary Hollywood Starlet.

The first lady of the silent screen,
advanced the histrionic art.
She danced and acted all her life
with talent, verve and heart.


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 D’verse Poets,  challenge by Sheila Moore:

And yes, I wrote this quickly just for this prompt, which is why you see such undisciplined rhyme and meter.

For those of you who never saw her, or heard of her, enjoy: