when men are like children


This time, I will start with the annotation.

This piece was written for Wordsmith Wednesday – Snooping  . Victoria essentially asked, “Have you written any short stories or poems that were inspired as a result of listening to conversations in public places?”

I was at an office today where two women at the reception desk were talking. One had a packet in her hand containing a set school portraits. However, the subject of the portraits was not a child. It was her husband, who is a school teacher. Included in the packed was a Child ID card, in case he went missing. The two women were laughing and making fun of the whole concept of a grown man in a child-portrait framework. The conversation of course flowed to the fact that men act like children, so the wife needed to keep this missing child card, of her husband, in case he ever got lost.

So, of course, I wrote a men are like children themed poem.


Adding this after the fact, due to someone saying that the poem is not very flattering to men:

I am writing this in the voice of the women who are making fun of the husband. I do not think all men are children.  Some men are tooooo serious. Some men are toooo power hungry. Some men are there for you, and are loving and caring. I’ve singled out a situation about a man I never met, who might not even be childish, based on a conversation. Why? Because the prompt here is about snooping, and I found the conversation interesting and animated. For all I know, the women talking may not think this man is childish, just went in that direction because they found it funny to see the man’s picture on a “missing child” ID  card.

Notice that I did not call the poem “all men are like children.” I called it “when men are like children.”

when men are like children

(you know it all)

absorbed in avocation;
wide, shallow geek in many ways.
omnivorously eating candy-apples
like a loving super-horse.

living in the two-dimensional.
whining when he doesn’t get his way.
perpetual adolescence, shallow and deeper;
always in an problematic place.

stomping, throwing, fighting and whining.
he does it on a fishing boat.
mirrors of his own emotions ―
like sipping weak tea, just for fun;

victorious warrior one minute.
directionally challenged for hours.
gripping obsessions. distracted.
never losing his spontaneous heart.


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  1. Am so happy I took time to read this before heading off to dreamland…
    put me in a happy state..
    well written…LOVE it !
    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  2. What saves this man and the poem, I believe, is the last line about never losing his spontaneous heart. Loved that. However, the rest of it is quite anti-man. My humble opinion. It is well written.

  3. Maybe I am not a typical male, I’ll stop for directions or look at a map!

  4. Loved reading the last stanza!
    I can related myself so very much to this verse “directionally challenged for hours”. sigh..
    Enjoyed reading this 🙂

  5. This is so fun and I’m so glad you linked it, Bat-Ami. The worst almost-altercation my husband and I had was over asking for directions. That’s a short story idea! Perfect response to the prompt…so glad you shared it!

  6. hahaha I enjoyed it…Thank you for sharing

  7. What is the female version of a misogynist called?

  8. I have to agree that this is not too flattering for men but I am thinking it was not meant to be. Most of the men I know will stop and ask for directions, and wonder why women think they do not. But then again, most of them have a GPS gadget or a map book. My hubby prefers the Thomas Guide map books. He buys a new one every year.

    Love the story about the child ID, I have never heard about a teacher receiving one.

    Thanks for joining in on Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  9. smiles…i think you paint many men correct though…stereotypes are earned…i think i would def keep the spontaneous heart…in that way i will not grow up…smiles.

  10. Oh, man, Zongrik. I am not a fan of stereotypes. In my poem for dVerse, I tried to use male and female equally….not wanting to offend anyone. We are all guilty sometime.

  11. I hear you, Zongrik, and thoroughly understand. A lot of things we hear or see are not stereotypical. They just are what they are. And I do understand about not being in control of things that we hear. They just ARE. As you know.

  12. A terrific write– very evocative and many nails hit on the head! I’m at http://parolavivace.blogspot.com . xxxj

  13. smiles…and for being that victorious warrior and the spontaneous heart..we love them..superheroes in many ways even if they have their weaknesses…smiles

  14. It applies very well to Peter Parker!

  15. Well, all superheroes do have their flaws! The whining thing, though, is unbearable in a superhero or a regular guy! Great write!

  16. I loved the last stanza. The things we might love least often feed aspects of a person that we love the most.

  17. i like victorious warrior and spontaneous heart too ~

    and i sometimes call my hubby a kid..ha..ha…

  18. This made me smile, especially the fishing boat part–what’s wrong with saying men are like children–women are too, plenty of them–sometimes that’s good, sometimes not, because you shouldn’t always be claiming the privilege of not knowing any better after age 12. I think you got some positive in there as well.

  19. ”like sipping weak tea just for fun” LOVE cute line

  20. This brings me tears for I loved and missed my man and all the child in him.

  21. being like a child is good sometimes and other times, not so much…(I know a grown man who always acts frustratingly like a baby…but I know some grown women who do too)…cute lines in this write 🙂 “omnivorously eating candy-apples like a loving super-horse.” Candy apples always make me smile…

  22. Peter Parker with an “ID Badge”.

    never losing his spontaneous heart – yes, that is the essence of a child! Nice.

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