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Human Honeycomb

Human Honeycomb














This was posted for Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Let’s Have Some Fun .

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Theme Thursday
Theme – “sweet”

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Parallel Triolet

Parallel Triolet

As parallels are monumental
you intuitively know serendipity rules.
Your being here is most instrumental,
when the parallels are. Monumental
rushes of high pitched sounds are augmental
(but not too sharp.) We play like cosmic fools
when parallel. We are monumental
(you know that.) Serendipity Rules!


Written for:

Prompt: you are here

I made a little bit of a variation, “your being here.” English Grammar is so versatile.

Toilet Paper Senryu

Toilet Paper Senryu

toilet paper

enshrouds in softness

while smelling foul


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One Single Impression Prompt-190 “Paper”.

Photo Credit “Toilet Paper Brands.

The Horror of Death

The Heart Of Arkus

“The Bible tells us to be like God, and then on page after page it describes God as a mass murderer. This may be the single most important key to the political behavior of Western Civilization.” Robert Anton Wilson

The Horror of Death

A feeling is a wordless song.
Supplication’s overlooked.
Spontaneous visualization, stirs imagination.
Trying too hard lacks truth.

God, science and nature are identical ―
no contraction of power.

God receives despite vile sins,
while nature always nurtures.

Faith no more;
salvation is not the healer.

The horror of death
lies but in fear of God.


Written and posted for:

 Dverse Poetics Taboo Subjects: How to be Fearless and Nothing Less.

Challenge by  Kellie Elmor, who hosts a blog called Magic in the Backyard. of

Photo Credit The Heart Of Arkus Fractal Art Canvas Print

Mannequins Dancing

Mannequins Dancing by AliciaMC

Mannequins Dancing

hyper-realistic doll project
twisted into odd styles
wrinkles and hair obliterated

gender lines blurred
subtle disorientation
awkward range of motion

public interior setting
carved into negatative space
stripped of all emotion

enhanced flattened perspective
united human-ish forms
personified architecture

disquieting danseurs
draped with robes
topped with knobs


Written for Poetry Blogroll Midnight Snack Prompt 006.

Photo Credit Mannequins Dancing by AliciaMC at deviantART.

Rapid Eye Movement

Rapid Eye on the Move

Rapid Eye Movement – Senryu

irregular breaths

wild vibrant lucid dreams

rapid eye movement


Posted for Haiku Heights  Prompt #90 “vibrant”.

Photo credit Worth 1000  – Band Name Literalisms 2.


Father's Love


His blond hair waving in the wind,
Or his blue eyes charting the stars.
He’s grown now,
He no longer needs me
Runs to his shelter
Sits in my lap for sweet caresses.

Come back my little boy.
Drink my milk
Let me raise you once more –
high in the sky.
Then let your feet touch the ground.

But then he’ll be old again
(So will I).
And once more I’ll miss his smiles,
His skinned knees,
And that muddy appearance
When he returns from a hard day of play
So then once more I’ll be

He dove into the pile
The hues of yellow and brown
Clashed with the red white and blue suit
As he buried himself in the pile.
Suddenly, Silence
Only the wind could be heard
Nothing moved
But a leaf emancipating itself from the pile.
Then the blond head,
A little nose, a smile
And finally the entire jolly body


This was written in 1993 and posted for Blue Bell Books Short Story Slam Week 12:

Image Credit: Sweetestsin2862

Dirty Laundry Senryu

Dirty Laundry Senryu

beer stains on laundry

lipstick ghost on frayed edges

you laugh as I scrub


written for Poetry Jam Wednesday, October 12, 2011 “Your Assignment” – write a poem using the words “laugh, laundry, ghost, edges, beer”

Rare-Earth Haiku

Rare-Earth Haiku

colorful glassware

phosphoric x-ray lasers

rare-earth elements


First of all phosphoric x-ray lasers is made up science, but it sounds cool. It’s totally poetic license.

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Sensational Haiku Wednesday
October 12, 2011, prompt “rare.”

Posted on NIST article Experimental Atomic Clock Uses Ytterbium ‘Pancakes’.

Defining Mama (One)

Mama at The Sink

Defining Mama (One)

…by the warmth of a cheek
melting onto your waking face
tearless and loving ― during
an early morning embrace.

…by the smell of her cookies. the size of her butt
leaning over a sink ― scrubbing
insecticide off a carrot.


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This was posted for Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Comfort Food .
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#324 – Parent

I chose this poem because there is nothing for comfort food like mama’s cookies, and carrots are a whole other genre of comfort food. I wrote this back in the early 90’s but changed it a bit recently.

Photo Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin © 2011 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.