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MIT chemical engineers built tiny channels out of carbon nanotubes that could someday end up being sensitive detectors.


strong and lightweight
polydispersive materials

zigzagged or chiral
rolled this way and that
sheets stronger than steel

wires and tubes
wedge into the void
vivified pixels

single or multi-walled
morphing wings
valuable for future design

templated and fabricated
strategically explored
potential applications

conversion or diversion
probes that interconnect
radiation sources

thermodynamic and conductive
energy storage
field emission displays

hollow or thin
allotropic cylinders
extraordinary nanostructure

electrons and vectors
in every direction
zero dimensional atoms


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Photo Credit: Industrial Safety and Security Source

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Thursdays Poets’ Rally Week 61 (January 25 – February 3, 2012)

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N is for a Novel Letter

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Six Light Love-Making Senryu

Supermoon 2012 over Athens

Six Light Love-Making Senryu

climbing high mountains
living for amazing views
breathing in light air

kiss me all night long
in the light of supermoon
it shall never fade

mercurial hearts
a three way love affair
at the speed of light

together we flee
to a private bed chamber
intimate contact

candlelight echoes
neighbors listen thorough the wall
adjacent bedrooms

angel in bright light
descending in blinding rays
delivered climax


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Prompt #96 “light”

Photo credit: What will happen in 2012

Dare-Devil Impulses

Baboon's Teeth

Dare-Devil Impulses

A run of molecular changes, waves ―
dare-devil impulses, through your rib cage,
like skulking dust in a Gothic vault,

the brain weakens. Copious axioms stuck
like an avocado pit; try to swallow.
Cement and mortar build habitat into frontal lobes.

Your nostrils puff ― diamonds filling
hollow granite. Strainful flash on your face.
Dispose that rancid scent of cooked olive oil.

There, beyond the earthly view, red lines and
green blips confound. Indecipherably, wild fields
abstractly do aerial loops over the plains.

Trapped in a shell, in a glass bubble cage,
where you can see the sky and not the sunken Earth.


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dversepoets  poetics-wild

Challenge by Mark Kerstetter, “Let us write the wild together, knowing that even though we walk the same forest, each path will be unique.”

From Behind the Lion

Behind one of the Lions at the NY Public Library Main Branch

From Behind the Lion

no one will stare
they don’t care
of a feline
of stone design
seen from behind
“it’s not refined”

I say it’s always good to look at things
think off the hook and out of the box
walk around marvelous carvings to learn
scuputures are drawings in 3-D rocks


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Diolch yn fawr, beirdd! Which means, “thank you, poets!” In Welsh

The challenge was to write a few verses with one of the cywydds (awdl gywydd or cywydd llosgyrnog) and append a toddaid couplet..” So I chose to use one “Cywydd deuair fyrion” for which the form is:

x x x a
x x x a
x x x b
x x x b
x x x c
x x x c

and one Toddaid for which the form is:

x x x x x x x a x x
x x x x a x x x b

x x x x x x x c x x
x x x x c x x x b

then I decided to use one of my pictures. I am from New York and love the NY Public Library main branch. Most of you have seen it in movies, for example, Spiderman, The Day After Tomorrow and Ghostbusters. You always see the view of famous lion statues . With my warped sense of humor, I went and took a picture from behind. No one does that. (seriously, google New York Public Library Lions and you’ll see all kinds of views, I like the ones where they are covered with snow).  I wrote this poem about this picture, which I took.

If you want to know more about the lions (including their names) check out: goodbooksforyoungsouls library-lions-in-new-york

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FormForAll – Poetic Devices: Image, Symbol, Metaphor, Allegory

Photo Credit: Mine (c) 2003 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

Desert Canopy

Autumn Trees on Newgrove

Desert Canopy

sparse hidden life
shaded from tormenting sun
crawling, hovering and hopping
in the early dawn and night

  air clean
  air clear
air oh so dry

in town
man-made oasis
filters radiance

dense canopy
deciduous color


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Take Our Banner

I Saw Sunday – Week 62

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Tina’s picstory   –  highlight sunday # 10

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The Gooseberry Garden
Gooseberry Garden – Poetry Picnic Week 15 :

November, Winter, Change, and Hope

Also posted on: Winter and summer: which will win?

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Three Senryu – Ponders about Spacey Matter

Three Senryu – Ponders about Spacey Matter

Messier 74

spiral galaxy
thiry million light years out
awe-inspiring form

Photo Credit: Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Extraterrestrial Sprites

electrical bursts
Extraterrestrial Sprites
during lightning storms

Photo Credit: Powerful Terrestrial Sprites

All that remains of the oldest documented example of a supernova, called RCW 86

dying yellow star
super-nova explosion
was once like the sun

Photo Credit: The Baltimore Sun Supernova


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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday  “ponder”

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Haiku Heights Prompt #97 “space”

Third Class Travel

Crowded Train

Third Class Travel

(based on Third Class in Indian Railways by Mahatma Gandhi)

utter confusion
admission beyond
authorized number

no order, no cleanliness
repulsive din and noise
bribes procure comfort

rush of passengers
cannot be stayed
guards push in even more

talk to management at the terminus

unbearable pressure
exhibitions of temper
free fights break-out

foul refreshments
served by dirtier hands
fasting makes the trip better

flies feast on each morsel
wasps do their work
where flies fail

talk to management at the terminus

spiting and smoking
despite protestations
sitting on dirty floors

lying in filth, no benches
continuation of insanitation
undermines health and morality

dumb and helpless
third-class travelers
too afraid to complain

talk to management at the terminus


Written for: Another Author Tuesday ~ Writing Challenge One  Picture taken from that page.

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At the Fabric Store

Fabric Store

At the Fabric Store

striped, plaid, checked, faded, floral, animal print
solid, plain, woven, fragile
bulky, flexible, transparent
pile, fiberfill, comfort-stretch-elasticity
durable, cool and absorbent,
crinkly, lightweight, flexible
wrinkly, snagged, ribbed, stubbed, ridged
rip-stopping, abrasion resistant
heavy, firm weight, tear-strength-reinforced
fuzzy, fur-like coarseness
canvas-like, tough-resilience
industrial, geometric weave
longevity-insulating-encapsulated fibers
glazed tightly, spun bulky
crispness, dryness, silkiness,
cottony, satiny, shiny, slippery,
heated embossed, warp shrinkage, pressed
closely woven, plain-faced-finish
light and warm
soft and white
smooth and lustrous
slick and gorgeous
calendared to achieve a high glaze
luxuriant-grace with gossamer softness
eco-friendly, sustainable and organic


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Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Do the Details.

Fabric of Our Lives: dVerse Poetics

Photo Credit: PeterPan’s Visits San Francisco…

Messy Baby In Car Seat Limerick

Messy Baby In Car Seat

Messy Baby In Car Seat Limerick

A large baby attempting to eat
While strapped into a restraining seat
Got into a mood
And threw all her food
Now the van’s rear is topped with a sheet.


Written for: Limerick-Off Monday  “edible”

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Purple Treehouse

Funny Bunny Fridays Week 5 December 2

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Do You Know How to Do It? – Mom of Multiples Blog

When Children Can Vote

Children Voting

When Children Can Vote

Chocolate dining halls,
finger paint on all walls
(when kids are allowed to vote)
video games all day
schooling goes its own way,
political champs gloat
all amusement parks thrive
pre-pubescents can drive
(if babes are granted the vote.)


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Prompt: Vote

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Imaginary Gardens

A Mini-Challenge for Sunday – A Hungarian Dance…

I combined two prompts. Sunday Scribblings asked for poems on VOTE. I thought writing about kids voting was amusing. Didn’t know what direction or form to take until I saw the Imaginary Garden With Real Toad prompt which was for writing a poem based on Bálint Balassi, a multilingual Hungarian Renaissance lyric poet who wrote using The Balassi Stanza/Strophe, which consists of this form:

x. x. x. x. x. a
x. x. x. x. x. a
x. x. x. x. x. x. b
x. x. x. x. x. c
x. x. x. x. x. c
x. x. x. x. x. x. b
x. x. x. x. x. d
x. x. x. x. x. d
x. x. x. x. x. x. b

Photo Credit:  “Westhill Pupils Vote”