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His Senses Are Covered By Blinds

Man Blindfolded

His Senses Are Covered By Blinds

His senses are covered by blinds,
so he pursues desperately:
falling for the first one he finds.
His senses are covered by blinds,
head-strongly he shuns different kinds.
He’s needy and gropes helplessly,
senses always covered by blinds
to pursue most desperately.


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FormForAll – Triolets

For those who don’t recognize this, it’s a triolet.

Photo Credit: Nina Pierce – Around The Writer’s Block,  “Snow Kidding”

Four Meditation Senryu


Four Meditation Senryu

brain thinks in its turn
ideas spin like cogs and gears
time to meditate

musing new design
lavish creativity
meditate on form

conscious creation
sanctuary in the mind
fired meditation

transcendent bliss
sequestered meditation
alone constantly


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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday – #125 –  “meditate”

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Don’t Get Stuck in the Swamp


Don’t Get Stuck in the Swamp

decay in festering water
stuck in a methane swamp

a second chance?
change foolish opinions;

embedded images
learn the facts

have guts to admit
perfect mutability;

learn to paddle
when the current dies

swim lessons keep
you from drowning

like an architect,
you plan; you try

not to get buried
something sleeps

you fight impatience

when you are through changing
you are through


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dversepoets  poetics-changes

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Three Urn Senryu

The Family Urn

Three Urn Senryu

funeral poems
nostalgic and descriptive
buried with the urn

a life that was lived
a person that’s in our thoughts
ashes in an urn

friends and family
stand at a marble headstone
lay a pewter urn


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Haiku Heights Prompt #95 “urn”

Photo credit  © All rights reserved by:  In memory of Jane & Jay Danielson

Sparse Pleasant Days

Wild Swim Waterfall

Sparse Pleasant Days

memorable vibrations
might seem
hard to come by

no rehearsing
what’s to come
from passing desire

imagination fashions
life passes furtively

dervishly twirl
till beginnings have no end
imperfections released
in sparse pleasant days


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Prompt: Life is Good

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Imaginary Gardens
Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads –  A Word with Laurie

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dversepoets   giving-thanks

Photo credit: Dominick Tyler in  Guardian News and Media Limited “Valleys, Rivers and Waterfalls” – Friday 3 April 2009

Phase Limerick

Man and Stripper

Phase Limerick

A fellow who went through a phase
was beguiled by raunchy ballets.
He sneaked into the playhouse,
reached into a dancer’s blouse,
now in jail he must spend seven days.


Written for: Limerick-Off Monday  “phase”

Photo Credit: bajansunonline Stripper Rapes Best Man

One Haiku and Two Senryu About Obsession

Bubbling Spring

One Haiku and Two Senryu About Obsession

bubbling spring
bring life force to village
fierce in task

inhaling your words
i obsess on their meaning
as if they were mine

love anchors my brain
to some obsessive resolve
grips it like a vice


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Haiku Heights Prompt #94 “obsession”

Photo credit: The Wanderer Blog Post

Three Childhood Senryu

Cursing Anime Children

Three Childhood Senryu

crayons stuffed in holes
garden filled with many toys
children live inside

dreaming of princes
childish transpiration

between good and bad
boys were caught chanting curses
scribed in ancient books


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The Gooseberry Garden
gooseberry Poetry Picnic Week 13:

Childhood, Dreams, Books, Role Models

Photo credit:  deviantart by konan376

Orion’s Armament


Orion’s Armament

bistoury hidden in
baldric of tanned cow leather.
malchus sharpend deftly by
acutiator. always
armisonant; on his heels.
roundhead most efficacious.
sword positioned at his hip.


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Imaginary Gardens

 Mini-Challenge for Sunday – It’s written in the stars…

Also Posted on: PurpleTreehouse Poetic Forms Week 6: Back to Basics

Where we were asked to write “Stellar Verse” specifically about the constellation ORION. The simplest for of Orion consists of seven stars (without the Hunter’s shield and club.) The poem had to be 7 lines which had to begin with the initial letter of the names of the 7 stars working in sequence from the celestial zenith, ie, B, B, M, A, A, R, S and each line in the “pure” form of the Orion, must have seven syllables, but flexibility is allowed. There is no set rhyme scheme.

The actual names of the stars from which the letter sequence above has been generated are: Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Mintaka, Alnilam, Alnitak, Rigel, Saiph.

Since Orion is a hunter/warrior, I chose weapon words, some of which you might not understand (I didn’t know over half of these) so I am giving you the definitions:
acutiator – person in the Middle Ages who attended armies and knights to sharpen their instruments of war

armisonant – rustling in arms; resounding with arms

baldric – belt worn over one shoulder that is typically used to carry a sword

bistoury – surgical instrument for making incisions

malchus – short sword with a broad tapering blade

roundhead – weapon used as a club


Mahatma Gandhi - Namaste


bring reconciliation
redeem from persecution
rock the opposition
fill with compassion
fight off starvation
grieve sinful condition
reign in proportion
reward our recitation
mercy on our generation

express devotion
declare benediction
ordain with obligation
praise urgent declamation
bless vocal improvisation
glorify breathing relaxation
proclaim his name with satisfaction
commit your spirit to salvation
worship through musical notation


Written for: Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Sacred Music.

Photo Credit: Food For The Spiritual Soul’s Blog – Mahatma Gandhi