Potty Chair Limerick

Boy Sitting on a Potty Chair With Toilet Paper

Potty Chair Limerick

As the new year approaches toddlers swear
That they will learn to behave in day-care
They will stop talking back
And get on the right track
As they pee-pee in the kid’s potty chair.


Written for:  Happy New Year Edition (Limerick-Off Monday)

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Photo credit superstock image 1598R-108085 © Exactostock / SuperStock

About zongrik

For those of you who do not know the handle "zongrik," that would be Bat-Ami Gordin. Most people call me "Tammy." Bat-Ami means "daughter of my nation" in Hebrew. It's a heavy name to carry around. I answer to either name. I also answer to "mama." Some Basic Things about me: Animal lover, mom, poet/writer, dramatic soprano, photographer, teacher/tutor, CERT/Technician and, oh yeah, aerospace engineer. I consider myself "The Astro-Poet." To learn more about the origins of the word "zongrik" see whats-a-zongrik?

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  1. Ahh, I do not miss those days with a toddler…

  2. smiles..i am glad those days are over…when my son finally used the big boy potty he just went and did without any coaxing…

  3. I don’t have children so there’s no potty. Would cat and kitty litter be an acceptable substitute? Tammy…I already know the answer…but I had to put it out there!

  4. Yeah, I remember potty training. After months of frustration, one day it just clicks. I remember hauling the potty chair on trips with us, so we wouldn’t break the potty training momentum. Glad those days are over. I miss them being toddlers, but I don’t miss potty training. Good luck.

  5. Nice photo, new year, new life. I hope you’ve had a great time for the holidays, I wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2012.

  6. Funny! The last line just roles off the tongue.

  7. I think this is why kids leave home (eventually). They are often reminded of their former toilet habits when younger!

  8. I am so glad the Newbery spawn are beyond this stage.

  9. Hello. Happy New Year!
    Smiling…I don’t have any children, be they of the human or animal kind, so guess I don’t have to worry about any of these issues!
    Nicely penned though.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comment.

  10. Oh I remember those days. It was such a joy when my children were trained.

  11. So sweet!

    I remember Riley having her first “big-girl poop”! She was so proud. This has to be a little day-brightener for any adult who has helped a child through this time. Thanks, Z!

    Shalom, Amy

  12. very good write,i remember it well with my four.

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