pedestal ivory goddess


pedestal ivory goddess

pedestal ivory goddess
curves finger traced
on marble gown
thus, sculpted

gustatory impulsive
artistic kisses
focalized tongue
appertained chattel

steered daily
soothing, changing, disengaging
dovetailed shapes
though empirical junctures
and worrisome intangible ontologies

deliberately she cracks
dominated by overseen epochs


Today’s prompt was to “praise of a present-day hero, someone who has made a difference in your own life.” I always did like My Fair Lady and the concept of creating your own perfect love. I create my characters in my fiction with this ubermensch in mind. Thus this is to Professor Higgins, or is it to George B. Shaw? Or is it to a Venusian statue?  This is poetry…so you may interpret as you please.

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Meeting the Bar: Heroes and Heroines

Image Credit: Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson Pygmalion et Galatée, 1819 Huile sur toile – 253 × 202 cm Paris, Musée du Louvre

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For those of you who do not know the handle "zongrik," that would be Bat-Ami Gordin. Most people call me "Tammy." Bat-Ami means "daughter of my nation" in Hebrew. It's a heavy name to carry around. I answer to either name. I also answer to "mama." Some Basic Things about me: Animal lover, mom, poet/writer, dramatic soprano, photographer, teacher/tutor, CERT/Technician and, oh yeah, aerospace engineer. I consider myself "The Astro-Poet." To learn more about the origins of the word "zongrik" see whats-a-zongrik?

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  1. Amazing word choices… quite a mouthful… very nice.

  2. I agree with Laurie, very nice!

  3. I liked the poem a lot…and like the explanation of why you wrote it also.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  4. Quite eloquent, and can definitely be viewed from numerous angles. Wonderful write!

  5. fissures find their way to form into cracks….I admire this for recognizing the imperfect nature of what me put our faith in


  6. nice…i love that line ‘deliberately she cracks’…the rest is wonderful of course but that one stood out to me…

  7. Smiles. I could watch “My Fair Lady” over and over again. Sad thing is, I once had a boyfriend who thought he was Higgins…that didn’t last long. Beautiful writing/words as others have noted.

  8. Very classical, very true.

  9. love the language you’ve woven into the piece…despite her cracks, she still stands strong though. The piece, equally so

  10. I got a feeling that this could be about creating a perception of love around someone who doesn’t necessarily fulfil it. Placing someone on a pedestal, like a piece of art, but ‘deliberately cracking by overseen epochs’ meaning that the cracks are deliberately being shown in a relationship that was over a long time ago (but not seen, or ignored by the one who loves without seeing its failure. Complicated wordplay and found it challenging- but this is GOOD thing!

  11. I like the fact that she knows she isn’t imperfect but, she also knows she doesn’t have to be. Very nice piece and tribute to one or all three of your hero’s involved in this weave of words.

  12. You have diisplayed a formidable vocabulary as well as a nearly-nude marble Pygmalion! 🙂

  13. You use words beautifully. I like your explanation.

  14. I’m kind of conflicted here between the nod to Prof Higgins and the negative (to me) picture of his created perfection…but as you say, it’s poetry, so it can do two things(or more) at once. Sharp use of language and image.

  15. enjoyed the piece much…esp..
    deliberately she cracks
    dominated by overseen epochs…this is just an awesome, perfect closure..

  16. wow!! I love each stanza…that is the beauty of poetry. It can be interpreted differently with each reader….deliberately she cracks dominated by overseen epoch…that tells me she had enough

  17. Such a clever take on this prompt – and I recognize the piece the Louvre … which is absolutely stunning … brava

  18. I particularly enjoyed these descriptions:

    “gustatory impulsive
    artistic kisses”

    “deliberately she cracks
    dominated by overseen epochs”

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