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healthy simplism


healthy simplism

strong young animals
healthy simplism
monotonically plebian
wholesome honesty
impulse brimming
sweaty lovemaking exercise
species: continued


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Imaginary Gardens

A Photography Challenge for Sunday

Photo credit:  Richard Shear

four craft of music senryu

Musical Instrument Making

four craft of music senryu

vibrating objects
forged musical instruments
transcendental craft

alone at the keys
music flows through her digits
discernible air

soothing diversion
music triggers sanity

flashback to music
smoothly floating melody
harmonic journey


Written for:

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This week’s theme is:  Craft

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Prompt #105 – Music

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haiku my heart

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Cosmic Spider Web


cosmic continuum
fatidical formation
ductile decussation
practiced prototype
coronal cradle
familiar fractal
aboriginal amulet
omnipresent ornament
enduring energy
insatiable intensity
bewitching biology


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Meeting The Bar: A Martian sharpens his knife

We were supposed to, “Come up with the unexpected metaphor, present the alien vision.” I chose to use this great picture, which is energy, and captures energy. All of energy is one, including biological energy. Qi is biological energy. A spider web captures sustaining life for the spider to eat, and it’s all a cycle of energy. That’s my metaphor. The environment is as alien as it gets.

Photo Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, J. Turner/UCLA