If I could have just one wish

The hand of an unknown monkey at testing facility, grasping the side of the trash can after they discarded her for dead.

If I could have just one wish

in a world-field
of possibilities
achievement begins
in my mouth
is fulfillment
crushed by nature
a singular duality
purchased finality
no longer missing
only needing
to have one


Written for:

A ray of hope flickers in the sky –  Prompt # 137

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Photo Credit:  EvolutionaryParenting – Facebook Page

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  1. It is heart breaking what humans do to animals in the name of progress. I can’t see it, because the cruelty just doesn’t ever leave my mind and I would and could drive myself crazy for wanting to save them all from the madness of mankind’s inhumanity. I hate what we do to them all. Each and every creature that walks this earth has a right to be here. Some people have laughed at me because I am of the opinion that is an animal can love, care for and fight to the death to protect their young then, they know and understand what love is and therefore they have a soul as do we. The thought of them suffering and the dreadful things that are done to them in laboratories is disgusting. This picture is heart breakingly sad and will play on my mind now. I saw less than a minute of some puppies used in laboratories in China, how they were skinned alive and thrown still alive in piles with eyes which begged and tried to understand ‘why’… I just couldn’t watch anymore. I knew I would be sick and still can’t forget the little bit I did see even now. I know you are an animal lover and that you do what you can for animal rights and I admire that you do what you can to help and if we all turned a blind eye we are as bad as the perpetrators but, I just can’t stomach the suffering, it drives me nuts. I think all animals ought to have rights too.
    We do not deserve to be called civilised because, we aren’t, not at all, not when we can treat all of this earth creatures the appalling ways that we do and think it is acceptable for science or cosmetics and such.
    Heart breaking because it is so real.

  2. Even without the picture, I can hear the angst. Well done.

  3. Seems sad. A sense of longing for what
    never was. Nicely done.

  4. I hope whoever took that picture had the decency to try to save the poor little thing & get it to a sanctuary.

  5. Thank you…heart chilling and soul alarming.
    Peace to all living beings and creatures,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  6. just one more wish, indeed… we always need it. A great poem!

  7. I am ashamed of the human race – we treat sentient beings as disposable trash. A great wish, I hope it comes true. Thanks for sharing

  8. 😦 we just don’t evolve…we all wish for one day we can really say we are an evolved species.

  9. This picture broke me heart, and you express your empathy so well. I cannot understand how anyone could do such cruel things to defenseless animals. Particularly as regards the makeup/shampoo, etc., market, I only buy “cruelty free” products. No rabbit should have to go blind so I can smear mascara on my lashes. THANK YOU. Amy

  10. How awful for that monkey! Animal cruelty is just terrible and we must speak out against it.

    abcw team

  11. tragic
    powerfully expressed

  12. I weep for all animals humans use and abuse. I’m vegan…why can’t we all be vegan?
    I have worked with rescued lab animals…they are broken forever.
    Jane x

  13. A very moving pic. A very thoughtful topic. Thanks for sharing this!

  14. awww 😦 that is disturbing.

  15. I agree with Leslie – we should all speak out against animal cruelty.

  16. It gets me right in the heart. Blessings to all creatures and I hope the day comes when humans let go of cruelty and appreciate these other animals we share the planet with.

  17. Oh! So horrible!
    How can people act this way!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful wish! Hope it comes true.
    And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

    Happy Sunday****

  18. Hello.
    This is just too shocking for words. That photo brings tears to my eyes.
    It might not happen in our lifetime, but there will come a time when man & beast live in harmony on a paradise earth. Poignant post. Thanks for sharing.

    Intimate Moments With You

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