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four memorial day senryu

four memorial day senryu


alone at his grave
none to memorialize
i represent all

Boston Common 2012

one flag for every
Massachusetts citizen
who died in battle

Loving Defenders

loving defender
milk of human kindness
the barking army

At Navy Seal Jon Tumilson’s funeral

ultimate devotion
Military Working Dogs
photo says it all


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Memorial Day–Poetry Prompt

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the imaginary garden with real toads

Open Link Monday

Image credit: Euclid Public Library

Photos credits: All from facebook.

neither good nor bad

Stairs at Dusk

neither good nor bad

with a jump,
you’ll get down fast
physics takes over
a dangerous trick

steps are slow
steps are quiet
steps are neither good nor bad
indifferent stones


Written for:

Magpie Tales – Mag 119

Image credit:  Richmond Virginia Museum of Fine Arts – Fragment of Edward Hopper’s, “House at Dusk” (1935)

Yoga Teacher Limerick

Scorpion on downward facing dog

Yoga Teacher Limerick

the yoga teacher was planning to wed
a bridegroom built like a thoroughbred
he wanted to dance
but she went into a trance
then did downward facing dog on his head


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Mad Kane's Limerick-Offs

Quest Limerick (Limerick-Off Monday)

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Y ask Y?…. Y Not ask Y Not?

Image from © 2012 sugar inc.

roller coaster of dysfunction

A Big Thrill Ride

roller coaster of dysfunction

“My life has been nothing but a roller coaster of dysfunction and it never seems to end.” By tornapart on

loopy run course
upside down excitement
shouting; straining laughter
combed hair turned into knots

shooting star
with sprinkled cotton candy
rabbit falling down the hole
fear of going through the rail

sun beating
pleasant night wind
breath knocked out of lungs
heart and stomach being one

upward pull; downward swing
uncontrollable momentum
entertaining fun


Written for:

Poetics: Fun fair

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Y ask Y?…. Y Not ask Y Not?

Image credit: Euclid Public Library

valued benevolence haiku

Joy With Gorilla

valued benevolence haiku

precious wildlife
deep grumbling adulation
gorilla moment

remarkable hug
unwavering affection
instinctive wisdom


Written for:

Prompt #146 – Joy

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haiku my heart

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V is for VISION

Photo credit:  Wild for Wildlife and Nature – Please LIKE them on Facebook

show’s about to begin

The Circus With the Yellow Clown, 1967, Marc Chagall

show’s about to begin

finding love

madness sensed

is but
a state of mind.

a secret society.

wipe the morning smirk
off your unmade face.

everybody, come;
be on time;

playing the clown, always…


Written for:

Magpie Tales – Mag 110

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#320 – Always

when time races like a bullet

Earth from space with blue light trails

when time races like a bullet

when time races like a bullet,
there is little victory.
always sad. insidious
wishes: to live in sanity.

treasuring a secret escape.
leaving behind all others.
accustomed to violations.
brazen flouting; turgid power.

we laugh, then suddenly get it.
we slip-on growls and howls for props.
we live under protective
old school, flatulent leadership.

totalitarian rulers and
autocratic governments
abolish metaphoric gods:
practice chivalric sciences.

a flock of pushovers.  we are nails.
thus, hammers malign our ears.
fish eyes, two blurry bubbles,
behold abiding borderlands.


Hear this on chirbit


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FormForAll – Sprung Rhythm

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Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

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ugly man mask

Ugly, Tortured Man

ugly man mask

dissassembled face
tortured ugly zombie mask
scare and frighten friends


Written for:

Prompt #143 – mask

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The letter U of Urban Legend.

Photo credit:  wizzly masks

space ship tanka

XCOR suborbital spacecraft

space ship tanka

my own little ship
travel into outer space
fantastic landscape
hypersonic travelling
transatmospheric spacecraft


Written for:

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This week’s theme is: Landscape

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Wordless Wednesday

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OpenLinkNight — week 46

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X is For (Xcor)

This week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Space Craft Technology Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

I went on a Press pass because I have a column on Nanotechnology now (see the right side of my page, there’s a link.) My column is writing poetry. XCOR had an interesting of their suborbital spacecraft. I want one. But you can buy a ride into orbit. Check out their website. It’s amazing that you can get into space now, and not be a superman astronaut. The spacecraft can be sued for payloads and experiments too, not just space travel. Seriously, check out their website, if you ever wanted to go into space, you can save up and go now!

Photo credit:  Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

three magnolia haiku

Magnolia with Purple Satin Flowers

three magnolia haiku

see magnolia
scattering in vernal winds
lovely petals fly

colorful satin
purple out of paradise
cherry trees compete

Shiraki lotus
flowering magnolias
sumptuous season


Written for:

The prompt for today is: Magnolia

Image credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please. If interested in vector graphics form, please contact me.