Sonnet 41

A star is born: Swirling gas and dust fall inward, spurring polar jets, shown in blue in this illustration.

Sonnet XLI

The building blocks of water traveling
around a protostar remain swaddled
in a gas cloud that is unraveling.
These are our constituents: we’re stars trapped
in mere skin and bones: human prodigies
who see droplets shoot t’ward space at sonic
speed, great jets blast in epic quantities,
and stellar gases that are symphonic,
poetic, onomatopoeic rites
of stardust passage. Swirling gas and dust
fall inwardly. Such embryonic lights
made of oxygen, hydrogen and rust
are just water-droplets, bullets, slowing
into shocked waves of suns that are glowing.


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OpenLinkNight ~ Week 51

Photo credit:  National Geographic

About zongrik

For those of you who do not know the handle "zongrik," that would be Bat-Ami Gordin. Most people call me "Tammy." Bat-Ami means "daughter of my nation" in Hebrew. It's a heavy name to carry around. I answer to either name. I also answer to "mama." Some Basic Things about me: Animal lover, mom, poet/writer, dramatic soprano, photographer, teacher/tutor, CERT/Technician and, oh yeah, aerospace engineer. I consider myself "The Astro-Poet." To learn more about the origins of the word "zongrik" see whats-a-zongrik?

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  1. dang you sure make the universe a beautiful place to be…always amazed by your science and astronomy…smiles.

  2. Ditto on Brian’s comment. We are blessed to be a part of some of the discoveries too.
    Loved this:
    stellar gases that are symphonic.
    Lovely writing Tammy.

  3. This is a new favorite, excellent diction on the reading. This is beautiful.

  4. wow…mind blowing energy in this tammy…loved it

  5. Your depiction of the constellations, then the realization that we are all, in our own way, stars born of the earth, of energy… so meaningful. I listened to “Lost in the Stars” last night and this brought it right home. When I read this aloud, it tasted like caramel with sparkles in it. Amy

  6. Beautiful sonnet, interesting rhyme scheme – the form fit the language well here emphasizing the vastness of our souls in the smallness of ourselves. Very inspirational!

  7. ‘we’re stars trapped
    in mere skin and bones’, indeed 🙂 enjoyed your starglowing sonnet so much, and agree with the comment about your poems having a special me they taste like dark vanilla chocolate on reciting. thank you for sharing~

  8. This is really huge, like the universe. Powerful and big.
    I was picturing each description.

  9. Wow, incredible! 🙂

  10. I agree with Brandi, have a great July 4th 🙂

  11. hobgoblin2011

    this is really good. I love from these are our constituents to stardust passage, really impressive poetry there.

  12. What a concept- stars trapped in bodies… beautiful.

  13. this is awesome tammy – loved every word and the reading sells it so well as a gift…
    your voice is great – it feels ‘beat’ which is perfect combination

    beat +

    = Way Cool !!!

  14. You always surprise me at how you weave science into poetry. Thanks for stopping in for a cup. 😉

  15. Wow, wow!! I love the reading…I too am amazed by the scientific beauty in your words!!

  16. Ditto on Brian’s comment,awesome!

  17. You have such a handle on cosmic poetry, it’s an amazing thing to see.

  18. This poem and image makes me want to paint!

  19. A beautiful painting of the universe ~ Like the unraveling of the stardust passage ~

  20. My friend,
    This is breathtaking!! WOW…I have learned something today. Thanks for sharing.

  21. It gives that global feeling and very educational ,Tammy. Wonderful verse!


  22. You make science beautiful, Zongrik. Very nice!

  23. Lovely words and images. I feel like a star!


  24. poemsofhateandhope

    You love science!!! And it makes me love science!! Because your words are so compelling, twisting, turning,- they marry so well together and bring the subject matter to life….always interesting- never dull….your use of words, as always, leaves me dumbfounded

  25. 1emeraldcity

    Such rich, lush language! I always loved the notion that we are stars… Beautiful piece, here, Tammy!

  26. Love the sonic version of this. The notion that we are light, suns to be born and reborn is truly cosmic. I like the idea that we are somehow unified with the universe.

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