Quantum Kisses

The image shows, in an artistic manner, the change in color when a quantum tunnel effect is produced in a subnanometric gap.

The image shows, in an artistic manner, the change in color when a quantum tunnel effect is produced in a subnanometric gap.

Quantum Kisses

Spatial wonder
when color changes
and lights interact
with the tiniest matter:
of subnanometer number.

Taking frolicking skips,
they translate forth and back
then twist, shake and tatter
in their sensual exchanges:
kissing without lips.

Within the silent gap
no bang, ring or clatter
in tight quantum ranges
they never come in contact.
As oil drops on plastic wrap

cause variegation to arise,
each sphere arranges
itself, then they stack
the former on the latter,
thus — a fusion vision disguise.


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David James created a form called a Karousel. “It is a twenty line poem, four stanzas of five lines each.  The rhyme pattern is the following: abcda ecdbe fdbcf gbcdg.  The three inner lines (bcd) rotate in each stanza until they circle back to their original bcd form from stanza one.  Though each stanza is enclosed in a rhyme, there are no metrical restrictions.”

The poem is about he interaction between nano-sized spheres of gold in the quantum regime. This quantum regime has been identified thanks to the change of colour of the gap or empty space between these particles when these are at distances of less than one nanometre. This work, published in Nature journal, enables literally “seeing” a quantum kiss between nanoparticles. For more about this phenomena see Quantum ‘kisses ‘change the color of space  in Nanotechnology Now

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FormForAll – David James’ Karousels and Weaves

Picture courtesy of Cambridge University

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  1. Ohhhh, this is great! Love what you did.

  2. Hmm… Kissing without lips…

  3. ha…i love it when you talk science….love it…and i understand it all th emore…nice working of the form…

  4. An interesting phenomena ~ Great work on the pattern ~

  5. Brilliant as always. Sorry I haven’t been by to read more. I was off after Christmas until this week and haven’t been online.

    Really loved this. So clearly written and at the same time poetically fresh. It’s as if we’re visiting a little miniature world blown up to our scale. I love it when you talk “nano”. Thanks.

  6. Oh you scientists! Nothing can beat the real thing… smoochy kissing:)!
    Quantum hugs and squeezes to you.

  7. Isn’t the natural world amazing? If only more scientists could express the wonder of what they find as they study it the way that you have here.

  8. a quantum kiss between nanoparticles…how very cool is this…

  9. Very clever, very entertaining and Very educational!

  10. Quantum kisses with poetic passion!
    Awesome poem 🙂

  11. Just love this one. I’m so interested, captivated by color theory and the energetic manifestations of emotions. Color and texture are my favorite aspects of art and how cool to tie it into science. It’s all connected.

  12. stunning! this was a fun read especially when you consider the subject. you brought this to life quite brilliantly.

  13. Inspiration is everywhere!

  14. WoW. This is goooood. I was fascinated by the Karosel and couldn’t wrap my mind around it….this is wonderful to read…..shows it besides an interesting read, it CAN be done !

  15. Ah yes read it twice to get the feel,very good.

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