Sexy Hits the Streets

for cat

Sexy Hits the Streets

retro-ethnic, ultra-elaborated, seemingly fumbling.
stylized euro haut nerd, tantalizingly puzzling.
irritably snuggling. culture jammed juggling.
breaking every curfew; playing without struggling.

padded exterior, vegan interior.
hands in pockets, a screwed up sneer.
hiding high tech hardware; antiquated software:
hollow products marketed by deluded grandeur.

clam-shelling her cell phone, into a comma.
emerging from trauma, perpetual drama.
surrounded by lobotomized, inaccessible nirvanas.
never wears pajamas, has too many mamas.

she doesn’t need batteries, intrepid, bi-legged.
strolls nonchalantly on an invisible grid.
aqueously translucent, cloudless, pellucid.
butt-side down, with flippant, fetid method.

in-focus, sharp, progressive equation.
a-rhythmic, a-temporal: low level potation.
curated, moving art of bio-mass accretion.
inhalation, provocation, seductive-temptation.


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Written for:

Poetics: It’s Tempting!

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About zongrik

For those of you who do not know the handle "zongrik," that would be Bat-Ami Gordin. Most people call me "Tammy." Bat-Ami means "daughter of my nation" in Hebrew. It's a heavy name to carry around. I answer to either name. I also answer to "mama." Some Basic Things about me: Animal lover, mom, poet/writer, dramatic soprano, photographer, teacher/tutor, CERT/Technician and, oh yeah, aerospace engineer. I consider myself "The Astro-Poet." To learn more about the origins of the word "zongrik" see whats-a-zongrik?

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  1. hiding high tech hardware; antiquated software:
    hollow products marketed by deluded grandeur.

    ha, cool lines…like the character you create in this…
    cool phrasing too like clam shelling her phone…

    i read it at a little quicker clip than your reading of it..
    cause its got a pow pow feel to it

  2. She is all that……..definitely has that boom boom pow pow as BM eluded to

  3. 1emeraldcity

    This is a slam dunk, Tammy…metallic, hard rock sexy.!

  4. bang – bang – bang – love the fast paced almost machine gun like use of images here and you paint her character well – very cool piece tammy

  5. What a character, like machinery .. sad really and I like the hint of her inside of every allure being like a hard shell (which I think she has to have).. and yes the pace and rhymes really would work well to the click-clack of high heels on the street… well written.

  6. Fast paced attitude – I can see her walking down the street – no stopping her.

  7. Great music and flow here Tammy = she seems very vulnerable this girl, for all the metallic gizmos. My favorite image is the “lobotomized, inaccessible nirvanas.” Thanks .k.

  8. I love the ‘clip’ of this poem. It moves along well, almost as well as the woman it describes so well. I can see her moving down the street, her heels clicking on the pavement, seductively tempting indeed!

  9. You said a mouthful, Tammy. Nicely done!

  10. A screwed up sneer, she looks ready for the kill ~

  11. Oh, my. So much incredible word use here, rhyme and internal rhyme. Excellent.

  12. Wow, street beat plush & fabulous, poeticized to the max !! Aptly titled !!

  13. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    That wonderful photo sure sets the scene! It was good to be able to hear you speak the poem.

  14. This felt a bit like Steampunk poetry. Sorry about the problems with the picture.

  15. Oh, this was so vivid, so much fun to read, I didn’t need the picture.

  16. So many cool lines in this, I’d have 1/2 the write in the comment if I tried. Such amazing visuals in this.

  17. Complimenti, questo post ha davvero stimolato il mio interesse.

  18. I like the cut of your jib. Your use of vocabulary, and your linking of phrases and ideas together, and the rhythm and rhyme of this are all amazing. -Mike

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