Hurricane and Jordan: White House Protectors

Hurricane and Jordan the Belgian Malanois security dogs that help stop White House intruders this week.

Hurricane and Jordan the Belgian Malanois security dogs that help stop White House intruders this week.

Hurricane and Jordan: White House Protectors

invitation to White House, never sent.
unknown suspect calls for attack:
an issue of trespasser versus master.

trained to highest degree,
their world is to bark an alert.
watchdog inclination; vigilance strong
sufficiently powerful to kill a bear
they might, to kill, as well as guard.

peaked species. barking in this case,
would not protect at word of command.
an act of whim, seen in expression.
lead removed, in existential wind.

were punched ‘til they cried,
but held on, with calcified canines
tearing flesh and bringing down
the gatecrasher.

praised with delight for
performance, outstanding
impressed by a touch.

though trained to pounce,
each would rather wave a tail, actively
through the wind, beckoning stray cats
to play in the garden.
life is not easy,
when always on alert.


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Written for:

Meeting the Bar ~ I’ve Got a Little List

Today, Tony Maude prompts a list poem.

Image credits: Meet White House guard dogs Hurricane and Jordan In USA Today

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  1. A fine tribute to these beautiful dogs really….and true heroes!

  2. Enjoyed this one. Honerable subject…and I liked the flow

  3. Well said, both the tribute to the service dogs and the writing style.

  4. i imagine it is not…though def helpful should a gate crasher make it to them…

  5. Yes – to just stand there waiting.. Poor dogs.. But I bet the stray cats are happier not to be hunted.. And hunting gate crashers when it happens was probably fun.

  6. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    Magnificent animals, worth celebrating.

  7. A fine tribute, but it’s such a sad reflection of the state of the world that we have to train animals to protect us in this way.

  8. When always on alert, tis hard to play in the garden — well put.

  9. what clever dogs and what a great tribute to their work.

  10. I would imagine they would rather play, then be on alert for suspicious intruders ~

  11. They are beautiful dogs. Too bad they have to have such a job, but they certainly do it well. My dogs are not trained like the White House dogs, yet I suspect if we ever had an intruder they would behave in a similar way.

  12. A wonderful tribute, and they would say, just a day’s work. They probably wait for so long, to prove their worth. What smart and brave doggies!

  13. I am glad that you chose to write on them. a great tribute and they are so loveable too.

  14. “life is not easy, / when always on alert.”…how true!!….

  15. i find it awesome how dogs can be trained to protect people or to guide them – a friend of mine visited a place recently where they train dogs to guide the blind – fascinating

  16. Cool, they’re lovely looking dogs but to always be on alert, would be nice for down time. I wonder if it is as stressful for dogs as it is for humans to always be in that state.

  17. What a cool picture!and a great write to go with it,they need a vacation..

  18. They are specially chosen for the job from many others who vie for the same thing. They must be exceptionally good. Great tribute Zongrik!


  19. Canines always vigilant

  20. Very charming, Tammy. They sure are great dogs. k.

  21. A lovely tribute to those great dogs whose duty it is to wait and serve. They’re true heroes who have been wonderfully trained.

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