in state, faithful lying

Linear Crowds by jasinski

Linear Crowds by jasinski

in state, faithful lying

in state, faithful lying:
refusing, denying.
truth, perplexing
mystifyingly obscuring.

holistic accepting.
unconditionally hesitating.
abstractly self-deprecating.
fastidious circumventing.

precision reporting,
resourcefully delegating.
by no means hesitating,
unilateral regulating.

through scope: gawking,
pixilatingly defining.
control authenticating:
could be devastating.

renaissance rendering.
prehistoric investigating.
forever epoch making:
ethereal resurrecting.


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Written for:

OLN – Celebrating Poetry!!!

Image credits: Linear Crowds by jasinski on Deviant Art

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For those of you who do not know the handle "zongrik," that would be Bat-Ami Gordin. Most people call me "Tammy." Bat-Ami means "daughter of my nation" in Hebrew. It's a heavy name to carry around. I answer to either name. I also answer to "mama." Some Basic Things about me: Animal lover, mom, poet/writer, dramatic soprano, photographer, teacher/tutor, CERT/Technician and, oh yeah, aerospace engineer. I consider myself "The Astro-Poet." To learn more about the origins of the word "zongrik" see whats-a-zongrik?

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  1. Lieing as in telling porkies? Or on display as an honour? This poem must have been great fun to write, and it makes the reader think!

  2. in every epoch the patterns seem to stay the same… that is a poem with lots of spaces to fill in our own thoughts… transported me to the business world a bit there in the middle part..

  3. There are some words here that move me to a world of business suits and politicians where everything is allowed for power and money.. but as you say it means what you want it to mean.. the rhymes are perfect for a piece like this.

  4. This reminds me of the circus that all the biggies and powerful people like to play. The construction of the poem moved me…

  5. The first stanzas makes me think of a youngsters party in a not so nice environment, but as the poem goes on, that thought disappears and, as other readers, I started to think of business and politics. The image in your last verse is very good (ethereal resurrecting).

  6. Chuck Tedeschi

    Hi, I am not understanding this. Maybe it’s the hour and lack of sleep.

    I’ve been under duress due to insomnia, fear and loathing (Hunter Thompson?) I had an ordeal with ADT alarm company/ I wanted to add another system to my wired system. An installer came out and attempted to install a wireless system, fried the motherboard of the wired system and couldn’t come back till 2 weeks later, which was last Thursday. A different installer came out, I wanted to have Sophie with me (she’s now my service dog-I have since figured out that she’s had abandonment issues and separation anxiety) we’re in training and start formal training next week. So the installer says that she can’t be in the house when he’s in the house, ADT policy-strike 1, I explained that she’s a service dog and it’s allowed under the ADA law. still no-go. He starts installing the system and I said I’m supposed to get a wireless system, I said where’s the antenna? He said it’s built in. (he was right I found out later) he then tells me he has to replace ALL the sensors, I asked him why? How do magnets go bad? He’s getting defensive, he says that this system has to use new sensors, I’m still wanting to find out about the unit being wireless. So I start calling ADT and he starts packing up his tools and uninstalls the alarm (what a baby) strike 2. So call ADT after the baby leaves, the unit does do wireless, but he didn’t have to change any sensors. He also said not to call ADT because if I did he’d have to charge me $80 each for the sensors (there’s 5) doors and windows. So that was pure BS, ADT confirmed when I called, now what was the purpose of that? So when I called ADT I told them that when I was an NCO in the Air Force I had to write performance reports and I would have to give this guy a zero for communication skills. So I am sure this guy is going to get written up at the very least. He was a contractor, not a corporate employee. I was with ADT for many years and I feel that they had let me down, first that they left me without an alarm for 2 weeks during which I had a disturbing incident.

    A black guy on a 10 speed bike came t o my property and was asking for the “lady of the house,” I don’t know if he’s already scouted and knew there was no “lady of the house” in any case, I wasn’t volunteering any info. So I said, “what do you want she’s busy, you can ask me what you want and I’ll give her the message.” So, this guy isn’t backing down. I tell him in a louder and more intense tone JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT. He’s really starting to piss me off. What I should have done, because in my head I know that I am thinking he’s casing the house. I should have taken out my cell and taken a picture of him and called the sheriff and have them follow this guy. So this is in my head all the time while I have no alarm, I know what you are thinking it’s irrational, I have 4 dogs, 2 of them big German Shepherds, I can console myself with that knowledge in the meantime.

    I have called the sheriff with a description of the bad guy. I am sure he was not there to ask my “lady” something, or he would have told me what he wanted to ask her.

    I cancelled ADT and ordered SimpliSafe, it is a system that I will own and install, and if I move, I can take with me. It is monitored. It is also $12 cheaper with about 30 more features that I would have had to pay hundreds more to install and God knows how much to monitor.

    Thanks for being my friend!

  7. A wonderful use of the words!

  8. My impression is that too much control by the state is not good ~ How much lies and greed have gotten away because no one makes them accountable for it ~ Good to see you Tammy ~

  9. So much action and sound! I love it!

  10. I like the expression ‘faithful lying’ and wonder what they are faithful to through their lies.

  11. wow. i got so distracted by the security system story….
    if it is telling untruths, def can be devastating when that all comes crumbling
    down…all the -ing give a lot of movement to this…

  12. Really love the sounds here. A well-worked theme in your words.

  13. A lot of great sounds here, I agree– there are different types of lying in state– and the faithful aspect of it is very intriguing–the making of epochs out of nothing is also kind of a constant! Thanks. k.

  14. This must have been fun to write–and now off to listen to it-it begs to be spoken!

  15. This looks almost like a poetic exercise in listing the most unpoetic words you can find… and yet you make it work. Upon second reading, the slyness of the chosen words and the sadness and irony become visible.

  16. a cool syncopated write ~

  17. Too often for me, feeling shoved into crowds, like rodents in a maze, that the din is both overwhelming before it becomes white noise to preserve my sanity; yet each voice has a message, each person a purpose; nice journey through the maze.

  18. Love the rhythm to this! i read it out loud twice, first just to listen to the sounds. wonderful!

  19. biggerthanalasagna

    I love how it feels to me like you are firing the words at me. it seems rather brutal. I also agree with Dani, the rhythm of your poem is wonderful.

  20. The picture and your words created mixed feelings. I felt the push of trying to do too much, to the feeling of passivity, to a sense of chaos, to the need to stay grounded. Not sure of your intention, but I enjoy your words, and felt moved.


    When I got married I wrote a poem with a line that said something like marry is an ing word. Ongoing.

  22. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    Intriguing illustration which it seems you have woven the words around.

    • actually, the other way around. I found the illustration after writing this. wasn’t easy to find. if i were an artist, i would have done it myself. I would have maybe done an abstract with a whole bunch of heads of variations on Van Gogh’s The Scream. But I can’t do it. So I was lucky to find this.

  23. interesting pattern of words =)

  24. The rhymes in your verses are perfect … I like the business world you created.

  25. The “ing”s roll here building levels of ambiguity – puzzling and probing and making the reader think. It captures a bit of what it means to be sentient, caring, invested, perhaps even artistic. Well said.

    • Ahhhh HAAAA!!! You found it. I wrote this (kind of) years ago, and I decided to change it around with the ings and I feel it’s so much better like that. You caught it. Yay. 🙂

  26. And all that means life..:)

  27. love the intentional ambiguity in this…could be interpreted in so many ways.

  28. Tammy, I read this twice to savor the words and thoughts. From the enigmatic title through the many, confusing states of being, I found so many moments shared in my own experience. You plumbed the depths of human emotion here, and it’s a brilliant commentary on all we must deal with in today’s ever-expanding, totally confusing world! Best phrase: “pixilatingly defining.” speaks to the Web, its images, its lies, its truths… astounding piece, my dear!

    I was once taken to task for using to many words that ended in “ing” in one of my poems. Wish I could use your poem as a “see, I told you I was writing just fine, thank you!” gauntlet to throw down at their cyberfeet!!! Peace, Amy

  29. It was great to hear you read this. It brought the poem into a realm of movement that seemed to make the dancers in the painting move. Youth expressing disaffection!

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