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Five Senryu of Review

Five Senryu of Review

review your email
after a long vacation
so much nasty junk

December morning
review important events
before it’s too late

review your routine
be proud of your commitments
else adjust your days

count your sheep at night
review your accounts by day
don’t mix the numbers

clean your minds thoughts
banish negativity
balanced brainpower


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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This week’s theme is: Reveiw

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In Tandem #18

haiku my heart

One Single Impression – Prompt 20: Renewal




in the pink inkpot
she opted not to drop
the pen tip to the top
instead, pointed
a pin into a pint
of knotted pinto beans
calculating pi ’til
the poi get eaten by the pit
and the silly pig snorts “oink”
while nipped during a deep kip

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One Single Impression – Prompt 199: Inkpot

What I did to write this was go to         –  Scrabble Word Finder  Where they had a list of the anagrammed words made of Inkpot, and I just messed with the words to get this silly poem.

Art Work: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2011 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

I’m just starting to learn how to use Illustrator.


Alice in Wonderland by YukiValentine


a grin without a cat
is not a cat without a grin
in a world without sadness
where colors rule and
you care not
where I go while
I care much
to detain you
for your knowledge
binds me to this
upsidedown world
you are everywhere and
there is anywhere
you find cheeses
shaped like faces
and then i’m
suddenly called mad
by mates who
regularly escape
from the local
lunatic asylum
though they should be
sitting in the lounge
solving riddles and puzzles
playing checkers and bridge
on a competitive level
throwing red colored
jello into each other’s
grizzeled hair
intimidating the
sassy unfortunate inmates
who cannot wait
their turns on
the croquet field
and then slam balls
into each others heads
with confusing fury
and no account
for the proper
rules of safety
eating wild mushrooms
falling out of
an orange sapped tree
right onto my head
as i manage to hold
onto the tail
of my everpresent
cheerful mentor


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Poetry Blogroll Midnight Snack Prompt 006.

Also posted on: Meeting The Bar Critique and Craft – Conflation  by emmett.

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YukiValentine at deviantART

Toilet Paper Senryu

Toilet Paper Senryu

toilet paper

enshrouds in softness

while smelling foul


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One Single Impression Prompt-190 “Paper”.

Photo Credit “Toilet Paper Brands.

Geese At River Tanka

Geese At River Tanka

children plucking grass
gathering flowers for mom
cease at sudden honks
to follow a pair of geese
waddeling riverside


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One Single Impression Prompt 189: River

Photo Credit: Mine (c) 2010 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

Portrait of Xavier

Xavier was an aircraft fueling technician who worked at the Mojave air and Spaceport in Mojave, California, USA. He had worked there for 20 years. Although he worked and lived in Mojave , he was originally from Los Angeles, California.

Xavier’s job was to fuel aircraft of all sizes from Cessna and Pipers to 747’s and 777’s. He fueled aircraft with single prop engines and with after-burning turbofan engines. But most exciting, is that he got to fuel spacecrafts such as SpaceShip One and XCor suborbital vehicles.

Image Creditssub: Bat-Ami Gordin © 2016 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.

Portrait of Carrie

Carrie worked the wine tasting room on the weekends at Souza Family Vineyard in Tehachapi, California, USA. She was originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically from Walnut Creek , California, USA. She went to high school in Delano, California and attended UC Davis, Davis, California, USA majoring in Communications for her university studies. At the time of this posting, Carrie was 27 years old.

Carrie came to Tehachapi because her boyfriend was a facility engineer for Lockheed Martin. They lived in the Bear Valley Springs area of Tehachapi. Carrie liked to be outdoors, and liked to ride horses. She had two horses, a quarter horse Arab and a Mustang she acquired thorough Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Internet Adoption, which she called a “BLM Mustang.” She also had three dogs: a German Shepherd Husky mix, a beagle mix and a a Golden Retriever mix.

This is my 50th posting. I’m really glad I was able to have such a beautiful portrait for this Jubilee. I’ve been wanting to get a portrait of someone with a wine glass at a winery that looks like something that could go in a magazine, an ad for a cruise or an ad for a winery. It seems I accomplished that goal.

It hasn’t been easy to do this every day. Taking the pictures is fun; I like doing that. But doing these write-ups and editing them towards perfection is the hard part and I don’t like doing it. I also don’t like having to do it every single day. But I committed to doing this so I’m going to keep going for the full 365 days. Thank you for staying with me.

Image Credits: Bat-Ami Gordin © 2017 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.


Portrait of Claudia

This is a portrait of Claudia who ran track and attended Pepperdine University, Malibu, California, USA, as a Marketing and Spanish undergraduate. Her ambition for her future was talent management, particularly in the music field. She believed that Los Angeles, California, USA was the perfect place to get a foot in the door in that industry.

Claudia’s favorite music group was Earth Wind & Fire, which Blue Breeze Band (see previous portrait) was playing as we spoke. Earth Wind & Fire was the group that actually got her interested in talent management. Claudia noted that Charlie Wilson and other artists who influenced Rhythm and Blues (R&B) and Hip Hop today, helped her make this decision. Of course, she also appreciated contemporary R&B and Hip Hop.

Claudia defined Earth Wind & Fire‘s style as definitely R&B, but she also considered them funky. “They dabbled in disco a little, even though that wasn’t their preference. They are a feel good music. Everyone can get down to it no matter who they are,” she said.

Claudia was not from Los Angeles, but from Nashville, Tenn, USA, where she excelled at Hume-Fogg AcademiMagnet High School  Claudia came to the Martin Luther King Day Event because the team didn’t have practice and her coach asserted that each student/athlete had to volunteer somewhere. Claudia googled events for Martin Luther King Day, and the Big Sunday 5th Annual MLK Day Clothing Collection & Community Breakfast was one of the first things that came up. The event was accessible to her and a fellow teammate because Claudia had a car.

Claudia believed in the importance of helping out every single day and was hoping she could do more throughout the year as a volunteer. The two teammates were having a blast helping out on Martin Luther King Day.

It was such a pleasure to meet Claudia. At the time of the posting, I knew so many people her age who were cry babies, didn’t get things done, were chronically late, made excuses for everything, etc. Claudia knew what she wanted, was intelligent about it and expressed her views perfectly. Talking to her made me look forward to the future and to what young people could achieve.

Image Credits: Bat-Ami Gordin © 2017 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.

focused implementation

Program Management in Perspective

Program Management in Perspective

focused implementation

customer driven, evolved metric oriented
critical chain event methodology,
strategizing focused implementation
of variation reduction application,
traditionally providing
money making strategies,
iterating phases, sprinting a relay
for a more people-centric perspective
within a single scaled correctable
goal reaching continuous feedback,
future reshaping managed program .


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Meeting the Bar ~ Jargon, Buzzwords and Management Speak

Today, Tony Maude prompts us to be thinking about the poetic possibilities of using Jargon, Buzzwords and Management Speak to create a poem

Image credits:  Orbor Digitial – Program Management and More

sour grapes

Sour Grapes

sour grapes

hanging pride
wind riding
critical mode

itching irritation
resolute argumentivness
hungry to be heard

affectatious deniability
dissolved desire
instantaneous rebirth


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Prompt 206: Sour Grapes

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OpenLinkNight – Week 31

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The Think Tank Thursday #86-Rebirth

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please. If interested in vector graphics form, please contact me.