Animal lover, mom, poet/writer, dramatic soprano, photographer, teacher/tutor, CERT/Technician and, oh yeah, aerospace engineer.

If you want to understand how I came up with the term “zongrik” I suggest you read what’s a zongrik. It pretty much explains it all.

  1. found your writing very illustrous, glad i stopped by. Lanoo thetwelveknights@yahoo.com Would like to see more of your work. i do epic and screenplay as well

  2. I love the “Dog in Leaves.” So touching and what a fabulous way to meet your best mate!

  3. Loved you super moon pic. I like you post about behind the lion statue. You have a very entertaining and thoughtful blog.
    Thanks for commenting on my post also.

  4. your last comment on my blog inspired me to write a new ending… you really got me thinking… and your comment was very moving to me… I hope you know what an ‘ah ha’ moment your words gave me… thank you!


  5. in ref “verification” thanks i didn’t know that — i found it and changed it…Ted

  6. Nice page and nice having you as a neighbor for a short while

  7. Zongrik,
    I’m working on a robot-themed campaign for the National Science Foundation in support of the National Robotics Initiative. One of the creative ideas we had was a series of haikus about, or from the perspective of, robots. Late in our planning, we came upon Nate Wilson’s contest on this very subject. I’ve asked his permission to piggyback on his idea and he said yes.

    We’d love to include some of your haikus in our campaign. Are you willing to contribute? Please send me any robot haikus you’d be interested in us using.

    Aaron Dubrow

    Public Affairs Specialist
    Office of Legislative and Public Affairs
    National Science Foundation

  8. accomplished – nicely done.

  9. Hi Tammy

    We went to school at BU in 1979. I lived in West Campus and played football. You took a portrait of my grandfather and me in 1979. The back had an order # of 1653mm016. I have an 8×10. It was my Mom’s dad and she loves the picture. I would like to enlarge it for her 90th birthday. My copy has faded after 40+ years. Do you still have the negative or electronic image?


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