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Princess Vadar

Pretty in Pink Princess Vader Costume

Princess Vadar

pale purple and pink
trendy took her fancy
thus, she chose

amateur mode
a masquerade
she no longer smiles
in private life

she was scum
lacking integrity
demanding a duel

case closed
fairy-princess too bold
but Vengeance Laws
requires fight of honor

[in some cases]
acclaimed combat skill
might be considered cheating


Written for:

Poetics: Fun fair

Also written for:

#323 – Costume

Image credit: The Official Star Wars Blog

wealth of laughter senryu


wealth laughter senryu

loving memories
spontanious random thoughts
idiotic grin

continuous happiness
wealth of good fortune


Written for:

The Gooseberry Garden

Poetry Picnic Week 31: Nature, Color, and Rainbow…

…where we  to visit online, find a tweet that interests you and write a the tweet. The tweet I chose was by @Laughbook
I love those memories that randomly pop into my head and have me smiling like an idiot for ages.

Also written for:

#315 – Wealth

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please. If interested in vector graphics form, please contact me.

voices in a treat

Pies begging to be eaten

voices in a treat

optional piece of sweet cake
truffles, cookies, pie
the special case of Baklava

sweetness of the crust’s
sinister smile
supplicating to be sampled

voices of a bowel movement
after a tasty treat


Written for:

#314 – Treat

Also posted on:

picstory # 45 fruits

Also posted on:

The Gooseberry Garden

Poetry Picnic Week 31: Nature, Color, and Rainbow…

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please. If interested in vector graphics form, please contact me.

In the Dragon’s Nest

ParkeHarrison Study-of-Nest-1994

In the Dragon’s Nest

sea wind
in position
preserving warmth

primeval scene

a veritable drama
an ad hoc set
soon to be showcased:
most rare specimen

it’s just a job
in a time
of uncontrollable


Written for:

Magpie Tales – Mag 110

Also written for:

#313 – Reflect

Photo Credit:  Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison



forever plastered
beneath your
ceramic interior

in your nostrils
to every story


Written for:

Magpie Tales – Mag 110

Also written for:

Writing in the Second Person

Also written for:

#312 – The Rest of the Story

Photo Credit:  Duane Michals

From Behind the Lion

Behind one of the Lions at the NY Public Library Main Branch

From Behind the Lion

no one will stare
they don’t care
of a feline
of stone design
seen from behind
“it’s not refined”

I say it’s always good to look at things
think off the hook and out of the box
walk around marvelous carvings to learn
scuputures are drawings in 3-D rocks


Written for:

visit The Imaginary Garden

Diolch yn fawr, beirdd! Which means, “thank you, poets!” In Welsh

The challenge was to write a few verses with one of the cywydds (awdl gywydd or cywydd llosgyrnog) and append a toddaid couplet..” So I chose to use one “Cywydd deuair fyrion” for which the form is:

x x x a
x x x a
x x x b
x x x b
x x x c
x x x c

and one Toddaid for which the form is:

x x x x x x x a x x
x x x x a x x x b

x x x x x x x c x x
x x x x c x x x b

then I decided to use one of my pictures. I am from New York and love the NY Public Library main branch. Most of you have seen it in movies, for example, Spiderman, The Day After Tomorrow and Ghostbusters. You always see the view of famous lion statues . With my warped sense of humor, I went and took a picture from behind. No one does that. (seriously, google New York Public Library Lions and you’ll see all kinds of views, I like the ones where they are covered with snow).  I wrote this poem about this picture, which I took.

If you want to know more about the lions (including their names) check out: goodbooksforyoungsouls library-lions-in-new-york

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FormForAll – Poetic Devices: Image, Symbol, Metaphor, Allegory

Photo Credit: Mine (c) 2003 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

When Children Can Vote

Children Voting

When Children Can Vote

Chocolate dining halls,
finger paint on all walls
(when kids are allowed to vote)
video games all day
schooling goes its own way,
political champs gloat
all amusement parks thrive
pre-pubescents can drive
(if babes are granted the vote.)


Written for:

Prompt: Vote

And also written for:

Imaginary Gardens

A Mini-Challenge for Sunday – A Hungarian Dance…

I combined two prompts. Sunday Scribblings asked for poems on VOTE. I thought writing about kids voting was amusing. Didn’t know what direction or form to take until I saw the Imaginary Garden With Real Toad prompt which was for writing a poem based on Bálint Balassi, a multilingual Hungarian Renaissance lyric poet who wrote using The Balassi Stanza/Strophe, which consists of this form:

x. x. x. x. x. a
x. x. x. x. x. a
x. x. x. x. x. x. b
x. x. x. x. x. c
x. x. x. x. x. c
x. x. x. x. x. x. b
x. x. x. x. x. d
x. x. x. x. x. d
x. x. x. x. x. x. b

Photo Credit:  “Westhill Pupils Vote”

Sparse Pleasant Days

Wild Swim Waterfall

Sparse Pleasant Days

memorable vibrations
might seem
hard to come by

no rehearsing
what’s to come
from passing desire

imagination fashions
life passes furtively

dervishly twirl
till beginnings have no end
imperfections released
in sparse pleasant days


This was posted for:

Prompt: Life is Good

Also posted on:

Imaginary Gardens
Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads –  A Word with Laurie

Also posted on:

dversepoets   giving-thanks

Photo credit: Dominick Tyler in  Guardian News and Media Limited “Valleys, Rivers and Waterfalls” – Friday 3 April 2009

The Erotic Engineer

Sexy Gates

The Erotic Engineer

Within the environment of
baseline tasks
one encounters demanding
psycho-acoustic research.

Ultra sound communication,
high resolution optical encounters,
define this rather
goofy proto-type stage.

The interconnection protocols
specifically tailored to this operation
contains an internal implementation
with automatic calibration:

cutaneous sensors GO
multi-media sensors GO
texture map sensors GO
torque sensors GO

In augmented real time,
The force feed back structures
Act as a toolkit
of functionality.

Their virtual sidearms
Are magic enough to surprise
but not shock. Oscillations.
Release. Synchronicity.


This was posted for Monday Morning Writing Prompt – Alliteration.  Well, I hope this has enough alliteration for this prompt. I think it does. Even though the guy in the pic is not an engineer, close enough, he’s a Computer Engineer, and I thought it was amusing.

Also posted for:

Prompt: Operation

Photo credit Computer Science Rocks

Hector and the Hawk

Hector and Hawk in My Back Yard

Hector and the Hawk

who are you, fearless chicken
with beak of honed steel-edge
and savage, hostile talons,
sitting on my perch with arrogant stare,
and merciless terrible eyes,
ready to tear off a head,
beautiful, wild, patient,
false manner of inaction,
awful thoughts beam from your eyes?

why do you not tease like blackbirds?
or scuttle away like sparrows?
you are on your own: no murder nor flock.

my tormenting baritone barks
are but lame sounds;

you stare me down.

you are mirthless, without pity
and i mean nothing to you!


One day, when Hector was my only dog, I heard him barking and barking without stop. This was not usual, so I looked at the window to see what was going on, and there was a Hawk. Hector could turned around and looked at me, “Why is this stupid bird not afraid of me. I’m doing my job, barking, and it just doesn’t care.” I captured this in the picture above.

Written for:


prompt – “My Backyard”

I wrote this little poem , from Hector’s point of view, to go with this event and picture.

Also posted on: Wordless Wednesday: Eat your veggies!

Photo Credit: Mine (c) 2006 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.