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alive on subway senryu

168th Street Subway Station NYC

alive on subway senryu

space feels close to hell
rumbling underground death-trap
did not plunge today

public platform
exacerbating delays
softening subway

speeding through tunnels
boundary between two spots
modern convenience

people feel alive
navigating city streets
defying traffic

exist on subway
surrounded by city folk
heading to their homes

routine daily nap
wake-up at destination
good use of subway


Written for:

Poetics: New view for you

Prompt, by @cmschoenfeld, was to “have some fun and write subway poems.”

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Prompt #127 – ALIVE

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Wordless Wednesday

Photo Credit: roniweiss – flicker page © All Rights Reserved

to the tens and hundred times

Metric Prefixes

to the tens and hundred times

electro-magnetic conductivity
to the tens and hundred times

classical laws


dimensions deep


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Prompt, by @shralec, was engage in poetic conflict with the scientific world-view. I chose the nano-world view. There are mathematical connotations to the title, in that we have prefixes like micro, kilo, nano, milli etc.

Photo credit: Valerie Coskrey’s Classroom Tools and Ideas

Black Tailed Fliers

Black-tailed Flyers

Black Tailed Fliers

Black tailed fliers semi-hover, thrust, retreat,
and fly backwards. Still facing their foes,
they swiftly assault. They strike and repeat.
Black tailed fliers semi-hover, thrust, retreat,
and flap flight patterns. Each bird knows
how to sustain and support a propelling wingbeat.
Black tailed fliers semi-hover, thrust, retreat,
and fly backwards, still, facing their foes.


Written for:

Poetics: New view for you

Prompt, by @bmiller007, was to choose a picture from the dverse page and write a poem that reflected the picture. I chose to write one in Triolet form.

Photo credit: Tracey Grumbach

once upon a polar bear

Polar bears are facing a bleak future as Arctic icebergs continue to melt and ancient shelfs of ice collapse

once upon a polar bear

once upon a time
i had a cheerful birsong
now a smoldering shadow

children vivaciously skated
up and down the city streets
parents: no worries

riding trains to work, daily
reading, meditating
taking naps

elevator loudspeaker
Spanish guitar melodies
tapped and rapped

poets heartily sang woes of
Elizabethan melancholy
not depression

plates of frozen landscape
dared not melt
into the dirty ocean


Written for:

Poetics – once upon a time

Also written for:

I have a little shadow –  Prompt # 149

Photo credit: Life Preservers for Polar Bears On Sinking Arctic Ice | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

gainfully employed

Global Unemployment

gainfully employed

lose employment
another degree
up the ying-yang

your platform
a catchy pitch
shiny resume
beefed up CV

contemporary economics
praise the few
sustainably styled
scrappy spirited

limelight, pride
shining star
your life’s
a rambling poem


Written for:

Life’s like Poetry –  Prompt # 148

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The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open – #92
The Poetry Pantry

Photo Credit:  world news

If I could have just one wish

The hand of an unknown monkey at testing facility, grasping the side of the trash can after they discarded her for dead.

If I could have just one wish

in a world-field
of possibilities
achievement begins
in my mouth
is fulfillment
crushed by nature
a singular duality
purchased finality
no longer missing
only needing
to have one


Written for:

A ray of hope flickers in the sky –  Prompt # 137

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I is for……….Inlinkz

Photo Credit:  EvolutionaryParenting – Facebook Page

crossroads of a thousand trees

Crossroads After a Night of Rain

crossroads of a thousand trees

crossroads of a thousand trees
where books reverberate
and latent energy
produces armor in a furnace

better to keep intuition
where the body has no role
so your mind is in your mouth
and your weapon rests below your hip

challenged by filtrated light
faulty enough to convey meaning
through the meandering boughs

listening to the familiar
converted revolution

dead scent of fate
tired and disappointed
in the crossroads of the trees


Written  for:

Prompt: Standing at the crossroads  –  Prompt # 136

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Abandoned Sofa Senryu


Abandoned Sofa Senryu

against a brick wall
no value without cushions
abandoned sofa


Written for:

Magpie Tales Mag #92

Photo Credit: Christine Donnier-Valentin

His Senses Are Covered By Blinds

Man Blindfolded

His Senses Are Covered By Blinds

His senses are covered by blinds,
so he pursues desperately:
falling for the first one he finds.
His senses are covered by blinds,
head-strongly he shuns different kinds.
He’s needy and gropes helplessly,
senses always covered by blinds
to pursue most desperately.


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FormForAll – Triolets

For those who don’t recognize this, it’s a triolet.

Photo Credit: Nina Pierce – Around The Writer’s Block,  “Snow Kidding”

Lost Silence

Jimi Hendrix On Stage Fender Stratocaster

Lost Silence

abstract ideologies
stiff in my head
in my own silence

a slip in heartbeat
in a millisecond signal

light of night
terminates fear
muted amusement

luminous stars
as full moon rises
in a windless night

apostates speak
sirens clamor
blaring Stratocaster
lost silence


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