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Evaporate until you Lenticulate

Julius Caesar's Death

Julius Caesar’s Death

Evaporate until you Lenticulate

Don’t blubber and philosophize
in the act of pantomime.
Don’t blare and trumpet platitudes
as you premeditate tyrannicide.
Don’t pillage and falsify,
disrupt activity,
as you fanaticize,
and build public opinion on premises.
Don’t biodegrade and evaporate
until you lenticulate
into vaporous aloofness.
If you pillage all those
to whom you relate,
you will never erase despair,
but will fishtail
down the highway
and slip on glass
that penetrates brain cells.


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Hello-ing and Good-bying, Sort of.

Today, I wrote the poem for D’verse Poetry prompt by Victoria to write a poem incorporating a rich use of verbs. Because this week was the Ides of March I thought I’d write something about what Julius Caesar should have been aware.

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Poetry Pantry #244

Image credits: Julius Caesar Biography

Quickening of The Chakras

Venus de Milo with Drawers - Salvador Dali, 1936

Venus de Milo with Drawers – Salvador Dali, 1936

Quickening of The Chakras

Dirt removed from body,
in bathing relaxation.
You squeeze out thoughts
with unseen hands.

Light emanates from stomach;
it centers from the groin,
it’s grounded from the toes,
along the spine and running.
Thickness not applicable.
All colors of the rainbow are appropriate.
Shape is satisfying as it
forms in spherical splendor.

It’s a thing of tears.
Heart sounds seem like waves.
It’s a quickening, whence
cells echo in the body,
calmness of a primitive universe.


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Magpie Tales – Mag 157

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OpenLinkNight ~ Week 85

Poetry Pantry #145

Sonnet XL

Custom, Gaskets by Ontario Gasket Inc.

Sonnet XL

The rubber’s fed on a machine,
it’s heated up to fit the mold,
then pressed until the foam is very lean,
and punched, or cut – it’s all controlled.
They’re fitted on a metal head,
to seal up gas or lubricants,
resistant seals are used widespread;
so many shapes with usefulness.
Gaskets aren’t clearly visible.
They are there, sealing and forming.
They’re optimal, reliable,
elastic and high performing.
Harsh and varied technologies
use them without apologies.


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Machine Dreams

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The Think Tank Thursday # 96 News

The challenge for this week, by chazinator, was to write a poem that references in some way the technological or machine spirit of our time.

This week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Space Craft Technology Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

I went on a Press pass because I have a column on Nanotechnology now (see the right side of my page, there’s a link.) My column is writing poetry. Ontario Gasket, Inc. had an interesting display of their gaskets. Since this gasket topic does not fit the nanotechnology column, I am posting on my blog.

I decided to write a sonnet about this. Why? Well, I figured everyone else would be writing about some kind of technological system, or maybe something philosophical about the impact of technology on mankind and society and all that. I was certain (still haven’t looked) that no one would take one specialized vital part and write about it.

In case you wonder how vital gaskets, o-rings and other seals are in machines, look up Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and learn that it was a Viton ® O-ring that failed and caused the explosion.

Image credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

elephant slave

Heavy ~ GeeeO on Deviantart

elephant slave

she is at my back
talking to my shoulder
bubbly in the morning
yet she mourns

bereaved family
uncontrolled loss

yet the world
has lost its sorrow
and i am told
she will bounce back

tears will cease
with formula
and copious

never forgets


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Imaginary Gardens

Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge

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The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open! – # 86

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E is for Easy

Photo credit:  geeeo on – George Nova on Deviant Art

sour grapes

Sour Grapes

sour grapes

hanging pride
wind riding
critical mode

itching irritation
resolute argumentivness
hungry to be heard

affectatious deniability
dissolved desire
instantaneous rebirth


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Prompt 206: Sour Grapes

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OpenLinkNight – Week 31

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The Think Tank Thursday #86-Rebirth

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please. If interested in vector graphics form, please contact me.

radical revolutionaries

Up close - Lettering At Stock Exchange on Wall Street / New York City

radicals and revolutionaries

persistent silence
honored by empty sounds

brutal responsibility
while guarding inncoence:
varying degrees
of untold guilt

violent rhetoric
booms as tryranny continues

bloodshed liberates
but does not placate
radicals and


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Vice/Versa – Midnight Snack Weekly Prompt #5

For which one had to Write poetry or prose using all four words: Sound/Silence & Guilt /Innocence

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Photo Credit: Roni Weiss Occupy Wall Street – Washington Square Park – October 8, 2011




she cleaned
lugubrious blood
from the corpse
of a bereaved world
not for empowerment

she lived
scratched out tears
lost beliefs
to deep affections


gentle healing time


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Vice/Versa – Midnight Snack Weekly Prompt #2

Photo Credit: Dechobek at deviantART

Dog in Leaves

Dirty Dog

Dog in Leaves

i had just completed
the raking of leaves
the yard was clean:
one of my pet peeves,

when no one’s pet
came along in my yard
his coat was matted
his face was scarred.

i did not know
if he would lick or bite
a strange injured dog
can be quite a fright.

i lifted my rake
for protection, you see
the dog had big teeth
and might attack me.

he looked at me
with eyes rather sad;
i knew in my heart
this dog was not bad.

he hadn’t eaten in days
and seemed rather frail.
he sat on the ground
and thumped his tail.

as i lowered my rake,
he stood up to leap
yet not on myself,
but on the big heap.

the leaves flew up high
the yellow, red and green,
he landed beside me
the happiest dog i had seen.

so on that autumn day
he decided my fate,
in a pile of color
i met my best mate.


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Poetry Blogroll

The Thursday Think Tank #73 – The Waning Days of Fall

Also posted on Monday Morning Writing prompt – November.

Photo Credit: arlingtonmama

Mannequins Dancing

Mannequins Dancing by AliciaMC

Mannequins Dancing

hyper-realistic doll project
twisted into odd styles
wrinkles and hair obliterated

gender lines blurred
subtle disorientation
awkward range of motion

public interior setting
carved into negatative space
stripped of all emotion

enhanced flattened perspective
united human-ish forms
personified architecture

disquieting danseurs
draped with robes
topped with knobs


Written for Poetry Blogroll Midnight Snack Prompt 006.

Photo Credit Mannequins Dancing by AliciaMC at deviantART.

Sonnet XIII

"Dragon Storm" Saturn

“Dragon Storm” Saturn

Sonnet XIII

(The Saturn Sonnet)

Saturnian systems tend to evolve
rich patterns of textured variations
as landscapes scatter, format and revolve
broad superimposed amalgamations.
Dynamic harsh winds strike a fresh mountain
of crystal ammonia freshly punched through
the faint bleached clouds pouring from a fountain
that eats the left edge of a storm’s white hue.
Equatorial burps of gas protect
the arrowhead wedge that out-runs the wind
and shows off the planet like an insect
whose stylized wings can flex and rescind.
Rings are not the only object to see.
The surface paints up a full gallery.


Cassini showed us that Saturn has more to it than just rings. I wrote this one in 1995, which means I hadn’t even decided to go back to school to study engineering yet.

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