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what’s a zongrik?

what’s a zongrik

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Often people ask me what’s a zongrik? Since’s today’s poetry challenge was to write a haiku and villanelle (or other poem) about our blog name, I will have to explain what zongrik means, or you won’t understand why I wrote what I wrote. One day, my kids and their Dad came home from Vegas with an Excalibur Viking Cap.

Viking Hat

The horns come off: you just push them out, and they are hollow. When I had that phallic thing in my hand, I realized that it would be cool to be able to pee while standing. I tried to think of a name for a device shaped like that; a device a woman could carry around and use while hiking, to pee while standing, for women fighter pilots, who can’t get out of the seat while flying, and other such activities.

I started thinking. The first word that came to mind was “dick.” Then I thought of the opera singers who are rather zaftig. They might wear a costume cap like such as this while singing a Wagner Aria. So the input command was “zaftig, dick….zaftig dick” and the output idea ended up being “zongrik.”

every woman should posses a zongrik

(a zongrik villanelle)

women! you should all posses a zongrik!
don’t stand or crouch. stand up and take control.
before it’s too late, you whip it out quick.

it has a cool case. what a snappy trick.
if troublesome squatting is not your goal,
go ahead! dare to possess a zongrik.

when you sit, you might get stuck with a tick ―
in your fanny or maybe in your hole.
before it’s too late, you whip it out quick;

since unveiling your rear, is a big schtick,
be a female who takes an active role.
women, you should own more than one zongrik.

if your man teases, give him a swift kick.
his male asset should not perturb your soul.
before it’s too late, you whip it out quick:

he might stop calling you nicknames like “chick,”
and insult you since you don’t have a pole.
every woman should posses a zongrik.
before it’s too late, you whip it out quick.

a zongrik senryu

stand to pee device
ready for a bathroom break
don’t leave your zongrik


Written for:

February 29th – Theme or Word: Journey

First image: Graphics by  Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.

Photo Credit: Party Times r Us

four orphan senryu

Food for Thought

four orphan senryu

miserable world
they only have each other
orphans’ circumstance

suffering children
irredeemable karma
grief, pain, misplaced hope

delightful dedication
instinctive adoration
selfless sacrifice

defenseless children
heartbreaking perseverance
mutual solace


Written for:

February 26th – Theme: Paint the Image

Photos credits: Google Images, Author: Unknown

four Jonestown senryu

On Nov. 18, 1978, Jim Jones led a mass suicide; that day, bodies covered the Jonestown compound.

four Jonestown senryu

nineteen seventy eight

he had a cult following
parishioner draft

wanderlust stragg’lers
remnants of religious freaks
keep away from them!

deep in rain forest
drafted into cult of war
together leave earth


Written for:

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This week’s theme is:  draft
Also written for:

February 25th – Theme or Word: Cult Form: – Haiku Structure: – 3-5-3

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haiku my heart

Photos credits: Wall Street Journal Online

three seeking creative themes senryu

Bright Idea

three seeking creative themes senryu

stock poetic words
mundane dream walks in heaven
everyday clichés

torpid prompts online
lacking imagination
same tiresome themes

try using unique


Written for:

February 24th – Words: Dream Walks

Image Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2012 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please. If interested in vector graphics form, please contact me.

joy of giving senryu

Breast Giving Life by Pip Gerard

joy of giving senryu

when destiny guides
it is never sacrifice
to be most giving

to be most giving
joy shifts into highest gear
play the game solo

play the game solo
you proliferate pure joy
when destiny guides


Today’s Haiku Challenge was to “Write Haiku in the form of (ABC, CDE, EFA) for the Theme or Word – ‘Joy of Giving’ .”  Whereupon A, B etc are the lines and not the rhymes.

February 23rd – Theme: Joy of Giving Form: (ABC, CDE, EFA) – Haiku

Photo Credit: Pip Gerard’s RedBubble Page

three dancer senryu

three dancer senryu

Enosh Bansode Photography

three dancer senryu

colored flames ignite
dancing imagination
forfeiting control

intimacy dance
fellowship of affection
chimerical steps

in some shady nook
wicked dancers on their toes
wish they were black swans


Written for:

February 22nd – Theme: Paint the Image

two commentary on education in China senryu

Students In One Of The Classrooms At Jianzhatan Primary School

two commentary on education in China senryu

imagine school rooms
with subjective history
what would children learn

witless perceptions
if children had to repeat
without novelty


Written For:

February 20th – Quote: Live out of your imagination, not your history

Also written for:

challenge – “wit”

Photo Credit: The Jim Shelley Travelogue

five illusion senryu

Eshereque Dragons

five illusion senryu

true love a grand illusion

so charming at first
disillusion at present
heartbreak finale

perfidious alchemy

overfeed dragons
sustainable illusion
famine – aftereffect

answers to prayers
unreal hallucinations
holy illusions


Written for:

Prompt #107 – Illusion

Also posted on:

February 18th – Theme or Word: Famine

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haiku my heart holy

Image Credit : tumbler

Three Desert Snow Haiku

Desert Snow

Three Desert Snow Haiku

beyond the desert
mountains capped with virgin snow
rare combination

desert mountain high
snow way past the horizon
lizards gaze in awe

new desert landscape
delighful Joshua Trees
winter came today


Written for:
Take Our Banner

Also Posted on:

Also posted on:

haiku my heart -postcards from paradise

Also posted on:

February 19th – Theme or Word: Snow

Photo Credit: Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2011 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

Three Senryu of Preparation

Methamphibian Angel of Death

Three Senryu of Preparation

life preparation
awaken no attachment
detach misfortune

firm preparation
unavoidable event
overwhelming thoughts

death angels await
terminal preparation
eternally cold


Written for:

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday “Preparation”

Also posted on:

February 17th – Theme or Word: Wait

Photo Credit: MAN O’ LAW