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Portrait of Michelle

Michelle loved selling art from Art One Gallery in Beverly Hills, California, USA because she liked talking to interesting people from different places about art with a “fun vibe.” She claimed that the best part of the 3D art was that people would come back to the store and see it from a different point of view, and then discuss it some more. The majority of the colorful 3D pop art Michelle had was by a New York artist named Charles Fazzino.

Michelle recounted a very interesting story that occurred when their old store was located in Santa Monica California, USA. A gentleman called claiming he contacted five different galleries to ask if he could propose to his girlfriend in the midst of their art. Although none of the previous galleries were compliant, Michelle and her mother were more than happy to oblige. Michelle’s mother hid in the closet and jumped out like a Paparazzi, snapping pictures as the proposal ensued.

A second art gallery proposal involved a gentleman who had a work of sports art made with the scoreboard reading, “will you marry me.” He brought his beloved from the east coast to the Beverly Hills store, and as they were looking at the art, she pointed to it and got the message. He also surprised her with a trip to Hawaii.

Furthermore, Michelle was helpful in that she advised the gentleman to pack all his beloved’s necessities for Hawaii, especially swimsuits, because “it’s very hard for a woman to buy swimsuit at the last minute.”

Image Credits: Bat-Ami Gordin © 2017 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.