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nano-birthing chamber

Diamond Nanotubes

Diamond nanowires are prepared inside carbon nanotubes by thermal annealing of diamantane-4,9-dicarboxylic acid under a hydrogen atmosphere.

nano-birthing chamber

infant cables in birthing chamber, reflexively bump, identical in the tub.
spidery filament flips in one bound: challenge to other nanostructures.
lost, lacking choices: fate not faith. blink and groan. stare and moan.
fluid in full slosh mode, suckling in pulp. dimples. blobs. formations
at the site of development. protective effect confirmed, uncompromisingly.

in grey waves, they majestically spiral and peak. filaments fracture,
independently race ‘round centrifugal tubules. relentless rotation.
ripples pass. progeny of the populace. reasonless, irrationally irritating,
come to golden light, on silvery rivers: (calm in blue space.) rubble fills the void,
incinerating contamination. struggle. wind filled. (never enters the hole.)

bubbles crack, smack and rumble: toothlessly grind to rubbery pulp.
super-novae, many, many magnitudes smaller, a perplexing state
of isolation, in a venue where surface tension creates cacophony.
no human will hear their dialogues and screeches: design of creation.
not one nano-being will sensorially recollect this first experience.

rumbles and moils in distracting high frequency. tenuous tendrils.
temporal travesty. trickery. tunneling. and then tranquil connectively.
unfamiliar abstractions. unexpected measurements on the boundary.
patches are blank spots in their memory: a leak in techno-verse.
fiber of space-damaged, roughly, transformedly processed matter.

they share a common experience: crests of hyper length cosmological waves ―
but smaller in number, surrounded by dense mathematics. jerky gravitational
spin down, phase factor one, conjugated complexity, nestling intentions.
in the birth canal: globes, branches, ringlet-tubes and electron waves.
nano-baby cables percolate into birth. emergence. vitalization. actualization.


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Image credits: Wiley Online Library