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to enslave with domestication

dog by scavengercat808

dog by scavengercat808

to enslave with domestication

it is always superficial, caused by humans without gumption.
their hearts are frozen. their dysfunctionality, contagious.
i am preoccupied with difficulties. the air is too cold.
with temerity i shiver. the communal sun radiates not on me.

a treasure from my mother might be a memory of times past.
it’s a species thing. natural. days of wretched misery.
hours of dolorous suffering. i am stabbed by unblunted thorns.
calluses form as if I were to transmute into an uncultivated cactus.

i question the distress in the experience of humanity:
to savor. to self-reflect. to engage in life with exactitude.
to appraise with attitude. to enslave with domestication.
i stare with solemnity, “is protection around the corner?”


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Magpie Tales – Mag 190

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street rubbish

These are my dogs Rudy and Parko. Both were dumped in the street. Rudy followed Hector and me home one day. Parko wandered the streets of LA until animal control picked him up one day. I adopted him from Bichon and Buddies. As many dogs in this world, both were dumped in the streets like…

street rubbish

chipmunks, rabbits
chasing the sun.
voraciously needy
in a love-free breeding ground.

stoned in an alley;
torn ears, battered muzzle.
the deepest wound
is not flesh-bound.

follow the footsteps of another tail  –
a home with no locks
a soft welcome mat.
no more exhaustive accusations.
no longer nameless.
a chance for healthy life.


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In Summer-y; Dog Days/Zucchini/Poetics

Photo credit:  Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2010 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.