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abstract homo sapiens

Summer Night Albert Bloch 1913

abstract homo sapiens

abstract “homo sapiens,”
weather-beaten, ice-burned,
exhausted warlords,
hands of pure water.

sunk in an alternate world
each reacts differently:
neurasthenia, irritation,
anger, rage;
paralyzing stagnant anemia.

beyond excitation they
gather with beaded moonbeams,
encrusted with precious stones,
filled with similarly colored fluids.

into the eyes of shameful friends,
sharing bondage, telling tales.
blueberry juice on their skin.
isolated from autumnal craftsmen —
an out-of-society culture.


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Magpie Tales – Mag 133

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The letter “H ” for ‘olly ‘ock

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disembodied spheres

Abstract 02 (From the Musee d Orsay series) by Walter W Smith

disembodied spheres

disembodied spheres, contiguous to contradictory
aspects of reality ― inviolable trans-empirical congeners.

abstractly marginal concepts run swiftly in
dysfunctional Rodentia  brains silently breaking moonlight.

self-causation. incantation. ordination. reassertion

incandescent power. scintillating siren speaks apostolically.
barrel-jammed full of exo-bizzare causal continuity.

extrasensory existentialist momentary causality
innervates gaudy uniqueness that knows no bounds.

encapsulation. detonation. postulation. misdirection.


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 was to write a poem about how the art of  speaks to Us.

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Poetics – Awareness of the Experience