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disembodied spheres

Abstract 02 (From the Musee d Orsay series) by Walter W Smith

disembodied spheres

disembodied spheres, contiguous to contradictory
aspects of reality ― inviolable trans-empirical congeners.

abstractly marginal concepts run swiftly in
dysfunctional Rodentia  brains silently breaking moonlight.

self-causation. incantation. ordination. reassertion

incandescent power. scintillating siren speaks apostolically.
barrel-jammed full of exo-bizzare causal continuity.

extrasensory existentialist momentary causality
innervates gaudy uniqueness that knows no bounds.

encapsulation. detonation. postulation. misdirection.


Today’s prompt, by


 was to write a poem about how the art of  speaks to Us.

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Poetics – Awareness of the Experience

iron masked fighter

Wassily Kandinsky Red Spot II 1921

iron masked fighter

masked iron master clone faces world
power magnified more times than not

wooden mallet
platinum breath
standard armor
nobleman’s helmet
shield of ice
flamed bow
wolf sword moves
like mist

embrace challenge in two-handed dialogue
laser shoot aesthetic arrowhead elements


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Magpie Tales – Mag 102