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disembodied spheres

Abstract 02 (From the Musee d Orsay series) by Walter W Smith

disembodied spheres

disembodied spheres, contiguous to contradictory
aspects of reality ― inviolable trans-empirical congeners.

abstractly marginal concepts run swiftly in
dysfunctional Rodentia  brains silently breaking moonlight.

self-causation. incantation. ordination. reassertion

incandescent power. scintillating siren speaks apostolically.
barrel-jammed full of exo-bizzare causal continuity.

extrasensory existentialist momentary causality
innervates gaudy uniqueness that knows no bounds.

encapsulation. detonation. postulation. misdirection.


Today’s prompt, by


 was to write a poem about how the art of  speaks to Us.

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Poetics – Awareness of the Experience

Lost Silence

Jimi Hendrix On Stage Fender Stratocaster

Lost Silence

abstract ideologies
stiff in my head
in my own silence

a slip in heartbeat
in a millisecond signal

light of night
terminates fear
muted amusement

luminous stars
as full moon rises
in a windless night

apostates speak
sirens clamor
blaring Stratocaster
lost silence


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