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ADHD Haiku


ADHD Haiku

waiting with patience
plagued with short attention spans
an impossible feat


This challenge from Haiku Heights – Prompt #89 – Impossible

Photo credits:

 My Kid Has ADHD: What’s your kid’s excuse?


Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Plan B

Everland Flume Ride 2007

Plan B

I was yawning in an uninspired epoch
wanting to die of boredom
until Mr. Fun and exciting
turned me into his Plan B.

How easy to submit
to leave all strength behind
to have the status of tablemate
as he blogs away at Starbucks.

Sickened by his lack of calling,
his excuses, his classified plans,
his attitude stained his collar like
ultra blacklight reactive red lipstick.

We were in a teenage romance
playing mind games
Ignoring each other
to see who cracks first.

He’s an ass-hole with ADD ―
Flippant, unperturbed
In all he does.

It’s a flume ride in the winter.
An emotional drama, viewed
from different sections in the theater.
It’s ice cream on a sore tooth.

He’s married to his car
He prefers his buddies
I’m plan B, an idiot
Who cannot move on.


I wrote this for the  challenge called Plan B.

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OpenLinkNight ~ Week 32

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It was taken at a place called Everland Theme Park in Korea.