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A Soldier’s Call

A Soldier’s Call

When all around me chafes my heart,
and soldiers shout for aid,
I run to help, I do my part
although I am afraid.

I know one day, I shall depart
and march in my hometown parade,
but now, it chafes my aching heart,
as the wounded shout for aid.

But kind ones, now,  have done their part
with a calling card that’s prepaid.
Despite the blasts of a fierce air raid,
I no longer feel alone and apart,
when all around me chafes my heart.


Today’s Sunday Scribbling’s used the word “the call” as a prompt. I decided to write about calls to/from deployed soldiers.

There’s a wonderful program called Cell Phones For Soldiers created by a pair of teenage siblings. The videos on this page give you a good picture of this program. It’s a nice story, to say the least.

Picture credit goes to Engaget  .  This happens to be another interesting story about a High School student who was suspended for the rest of the school year for refusing to hang up on a cellphone call from his mother, a soldier positioned in Iraq for over a year, during lunch break.

Still Expecting

Still Expecting by Terrill Welch

Still Expecting

Tightening, around your pulse;
I am a factory.

Breaths and blood,
Disease and disorders,
Nourishment and necessities

The smallest of hands,
The caricature of toes,

Never alone,
As you crystallize
Into existence.



I wrote this for Sunday Scribbling, for the “Captivate” Challenge.

On of my Twitter friends TERRILL WELCH shot the photo above. This is her daughter.

Terrill also links to the poem on her Redbubble Page.

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