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Three Covert Senryu

Three Covert Senryu

enfettered to state
introduced by baleful chuch
covert partnership

governing systems
shadowed before the spotlight
opaque and covert

strangest covert cloud
meandering in dark sky


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Prompt #98 “covert”

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Six Light Love-Making Senryu

Supermoon 2012 over Athens

Six Light Love-Making Senryu

climbing high mountains
living for amazing views
breathing in light air

kiss me all night long
in the light of supermoon
it shall never fade

mercurial hearts
a three way love affair
at the speed of light

together we flee
to a private bed chamber
intimate contact

candlelight echoes
neighbors listen thorough the wall
adjacent bedrooms

angel in bright light
descending in blinding rays
delivered climax


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Prompt #96 “light”

Photo credit: What will happen in 2012