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Numb Inducing

Numb Inducing

Numb inducing expectations
accumulate like broken glass
on a marble tile floor.

Cut nerves of your skin
self-repair like lines of ants
following in an unnatural path.

I shrink to their level —
work in the mulch, in the compost.

Sadly my eyes drop; you fill me
with little shots of pain as
I carry ten times more than you need.


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 dversepoets “meeting-the-bar-critique-and-craft”

The challenge was to write a poem that participants can critique and fix.

So here is my post. I apologize to anyone who is looking for the types of poems you are used to seeing here. This is exactly the kind of thing I never wanted to post online, and also, I no longer write this kind of poetry. I wrote this in 2001 and never bothered to fix it up. So please, have at it. How do I fix this?  I can only learn from what you have to say.

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Jenny Matlock

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