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Those Shoes

Those Shoes

The first step propelled me
into an assemblage
of misty columns,
terrifying bone-white vapors,
and sadistically whining
two-faced tears.

The next step was a leap
into an arid sandy valley
where the brutish winds
set spiders twitching
and rattlers hiding
beneath the moldy thistle.

I stepped into an ocean
commanded by microseismic eruptions
and prosaic waves converted
into hyperactive disruptive
mudslides of the continental shelves.

In vain, I did attempt to step
back into civilization
whence overwhelming fright
nullified my ability
to untie the laces
and remove those shoes.


A quicky Sunday morning write up (again, instead of writing my screenplay) for

dversepoets “Poetics – On your feet.”

Brian Miller challenged the poets to write a poem with shoes as the inspiration.

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The Gooseberry Garden
Poetry Picnic Week 29: Art, Music, and Poetry By Kavita and Olivia

Where did I get the images? I’ll admit. Yesterday, along with the local ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) I was present for a briefing by a NOAA scientist He was trying to recruit volunteer weather watchers.  Did I sign up to volunteer as a storm watcher? Those of you who know me, can guess, with confidence.

Oh, yeah…if you couldn’t guess, this is a metaphor for taking control of your own life, psychological state of being, and all that mental health theory.