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Portrait of Gary-2

Gary was a retired Toyota car parts salesman who owned a 1957 Cushman scooter, Eagle, all stock with a sidecar. It was originally his father’s and he inherited it. His father had it about eight years after purchasing it because when he was younger, he had one.

His father worked at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, located at Edwards Air Force Base for 51 years. When his father died,  Gary got a tattoo engraved, with the NASA meatball theme,  but instead of saying “NASA” it said “DAD” (see below).

Image Credits: Bat-Ami Gordin © 2017 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.






Portrait of Heather

Heather sold LuLaRoe products though her Facebook group Blissfully LuLa Boutique~ Heather’s LuLaRoe SoCal. Heather said that a lot of the products were made in Guatemala and Mexico and that the firm was trying to help underdeveloped countries employ their residents.

“The line caters to women of all shapes and sizes.” Heather said that when she gained weight nothing was comfortable, however LuLaRoe was very comfortable. The materials were extremely soft: “like butter”.

Heather said there were so many ways that you could wear these clothes. The soft-clothes absorbed sweat very well and you could also stylize the clothes so that they looked different ways.

“The style of the prints have an Americana theme and also and also a lot of Paisley prints,” Heather said, “The Prints are pretty wild, which makes it very interesting.” She noted that once they did a print, that print would never come back, so essentially “anything you buy from this line would be one of a kind.’

Heather was born and raised in Florida. She raised her kids in West Virginia for eighteen years and then she moved to Southern California. At the time of this interview, she lived in Rosamond, California, USA.

Heather had multiple sclerosis (MS). Heather was diagnosed in 2011 after, one morning, she “woke up legally blind for no reason at all.” She had gone through scans and all was nominal but when they did the spinal tap, they found it positive. Heather’s biological father had MS.

Heather did treatments which she felt were a lot like cancer treatments; it was very hard on her. She assured me, however, that she was “a primary example that multiple sclerosis was not going to define who you were” and she kept moving. She moved as much as possible and had a really great job at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center at the IT Help Desk.

Heather customarily participated in the annual MS Walk. She said it was “very very hard” on her but she wasn’t going to let her down.

Table full of LuLaRue clothes

Look at all those original prints

Image Credits: Bat-Ami Gordin © 2017 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.