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Dare-Devil Impulses

Baboon's Teeth

Dare-Devil Impulses

A run of molecular changes, waves ―
dare-devil impulses, through your rib cage,
like skulking dust in a Gothic vault,

the brain weakens. Copious axioms stuck
like an avocado pit; try to swallow.
Cement and mortar build habitat into frontal lobes.

Your nostrils puff ― diamonds filling
hollow granite. Strainful flash on your face.
Dispose that rancid scent of cooked olive oil.

There, beyond the earthly view, red lines and
green blips confound. Indecipherably, wild fields
abstractly do aerial loops over the plains.

Trapped in a shell, in a glass bubble cage,
where you can see the sky and not the sunken Earth.


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Challenge by Mark Kerstetter, “Let us write the wild together, knowing that even though we walk the same forest, each path will be unique.”