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your mark

your mark

indulge yourself
knock me down

your mark
has no fortitude
for i am sunlight and wind

with the rage
of my sinister smile


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Magpie Tales – Mag 96

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Tuesday ~ Writing Challenge Two

Where you were supposed to: Create a conversation between a person and his / her sub-ordinate about living in one’s shadow. I think this piece can be interpreted that way.

Photo Credit: image: Lee Friedlander, 1966.

Joy From Acts of Pleasure

Riding The Beast

Joy From Acts of Pleasure

Must I always pray for pleasure?

Then pay for deliverance with remorse?

Or rather, look for pleasure

With spontaneity?

Fuse with it, like truth and justice?

Mount it like a wild beast?

And ride it with poetic pain?


I wrote this for the  challenge called pleasure.

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Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Justice, or Poetic Justice

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Solar Activity Impacts Earth's Magnetic Field


Powerful magnetic forces tangled
in the solar wind, fracture and shatter
then rejoin with vengeance till flares, mangled
and twisted in bits of stellar matter,
pop-off on the solar surface. It’s jazz
played with frenzied brutality. It’s twitching
epileptically toward the poles. Viewed as
dynamic motions, it keeps enriching
catastrophic solar events. The sun
is miasmic. It is a complex beast.
It churns and quivers. It stops for no one.
A ball of hydrogen, to say the least!
Fluids ebb and flow on a disc shaped star,
materials suddenly fling out far.


 The Sun is a seething ball of ionized gas, called plasma, and has very complex magnetic fields that interact with this plasma.  The Solar activity impacts the magnetic fields of the Earth. It also has significant influence on Earth’s weather.

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