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lunar effects

Romantic Couple in Paradise Landscape

lunar effects

lunar luminescence wraps
such a thing unnoticed
such a thing untouched

lunar drama draws
kiss soft as wind
kiss flimsy as fragrance

lunar tide pulls
part of any season
part of a motif

lunar mask hides
feasible rejection
feasible betrayal


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Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 21 (March 14-25)

The challenge was to write a short story or a poem in exactly 55 words.

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Last View of the Towers

A view from Jersey City, N.J., of the Manhattan skyline with the twin towers in March 2000.

Last View of the Towers

On Dec 24, 1999 I was at the easternmost edge of Jersey City. Stars shined over Manhattan and I realized that in all my years, there was never a clearer New York City sky. Crisp, cold and magical, how was I to know it would be the last time I’d see the World Trade Center?


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Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 20: Love In Creativity Project, All Is Welcome!

The challenge was to write a short story or a poem in exactly 55 words.

Image Credit to Boston Globe

Pigeon – Stay in the Tree

A Christmas Story for Rezzan

Pigeon – Stay in the Tree

Why be delightful
When you can annoy a crow?
Why live in the moment
When times seem slow?

Gurgle, chirp

Why sit on a shoulder
Instead of a golden bough?
Why puff up your feather
When it’s cold here and now?

Gurgle, chirp

Sit on a stoop.
Live in the trees.
Dive for a meal.
Fly in the breeze.
Let out a silent squeal.

Gurgle, chirp

Stay in the trees
or you’ll get in trouble.
Without a branch,
you live in dirt and rubble.

Gurgle, chirp


Written for:

Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 19

Image Credit to Whitebook @ DeviantArt, titled A Christmas Story for Rezzan

why celebrate the holidays

Cinderella Break

why celebrate the holidays

why celebrate the holidays
in a tree
when you can ride a pumpkin
and scuff  its pungent crust

why celebrate the holiday
with family
when you can sip ginger tea
while burning a cinnamon candle

why celebrate the holiday
and succumb to gravity
when you can pirouette on point
with the rat king

why celebrate the holiday
traveling by sea
when warm colored leaves
gamble their lives in the wind

why celebrate the holiday
in thoughtful study
when you can play with words
in creative fulfillment


Written for:

Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 17

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Imaginary Gardens
Open Link Monday – December 19, 2011

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Image Credit:  Chance of Sunshine: Cinderella On Her Tea Break

We Tried to Get to Grandma’s House

Chance of Sunshine: Follow Rain Home

We Tried to Get to Grandma’s House

We’re trying to get to grandma’s house,
but we just can’t disembark.
The rains are mighty heavy now,
to get there we  need an ark.

Rainfall records broke today.
The roads are swimming pools.
With roads all flooded and destroyed,
drivers must break many rules.

Mudslides were triggered everywhere;
one car slid into a ditch.
Our neighbor’s car wouldn’t start today
he had a ruined ignition switch.

The winds are expected to be on par
with the type of storm ensuing.
They say that what we’ve seen till now
is nothing like what is brewing.

A storm watch is in effect right now,
many inches of rain expected.
Trees will fall and roofs may blow
unless they were soundly erected.

Traffic volumes will be extreme.
Demons will chide motorists
who fidget in their forsaken cars
wishing to slit their wrists.

We thought about conditions out there
and decided to stay at home.
We’d light a fire, and make a meal
leave the other commuters to roam.

We’re trying to get to grandma’s house,
but we just can’t disembark.
The rains are mighty heavy now,
to get there we  need an ark.


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Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 16

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A Mini-Challenge for Sunday – A Classic Hit…

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Form For All – Ballads, Carols, and Lullabyes

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The Gooseberry Garden
Gooseberry Garden

Poetry Picnic Week 18: Snow, December, Winter Vacations, and Wildness

mythic art girl in a tree

Sky Reading

mythic art girl in a tree

mythic girl in the tree
pressed into the hearts of leaves
and floating in the ferns
the legacy is her seat
she thinks its a ride
the reading flows
with announcements
and knowledge

fancy little art girl
busier than ping-pong
thick as jasmine tea
she burns without pain
a mental excursion
no blood, but stil dangerous

the magical girl
waiting to share books with
her transformational sister
full of surprises
she must be bitten
to change her outlook

girl with a smile
never wasting knowledge
never losing the yen to learn
doesn’t hear the voice of caution
characters collapse
she is disposable

girl without a library card
time to exchange books with friends
cool enough to show her feelings
when she learns that death
is a one-time important thing
can she find it in her soul
to love the wolf, the giant or the witch


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Short Story Slam Week 13

Image Credit Sky Reading by A Chance of Sunshine




he leaves because he must

this, he recounts each time

he has no need or care for feet

to touch the solid ground.


on to a dumpy dock town,

he sails away once more

in my possession, his treasure,

digging into my diaphragm.


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Image Credit: Art at

Teach Kids To Think About Giving In Every Aspect of their Lives

Jungle Party Theme Cake

Children’s Jungle Party

(a short play or podcast)

Julie: I’m looking for a way to teach my kids to think about giving in every aspect of their lives.

Nichole: Weren’t you planning a birthday party for your son Howie?

Julie: Yes…

Nichole: You should add a charitable element to your celebration.

Julie: Intriguing, how do I do that?

Nichole: I’ve heard that some people, rather than accept more junky toys to clutter their houses, are asking friends and family to adopt an endangered animal in honor or the birthday boy or girl.

Julie: Wow! That’s a good idea.

Nichole: Of course. It’s a brilliant idea, if I may say so myself.

Nichole and Julie giggle

Nichole: And you know most of these charities give adoption gifts, like stuffed snow leopards and baby gorillas. Have the kids bring the adoption gifts and then use them as party decor. Then, donate the stuffed animals to the children’s hospital.

Julie: I like that. So.  Hmmm…it would mean, a jungle theme for decor too. That would be easy…a few coconuts, a bunch or two of bananas, plastic safari hats, and colorful plastic monkeys for the centerpiece.

Nichole: Yeah, now you’ve got your creative jungle juices flowing.

Julie: For more color, we can throw around safari balloons.

Nichole: That’s it. Keep it simple.

Julie: What do I do if the kids get hyper?

Nichole: If you bring hula hoops and beach balls you can keep the kids moving. Have them dance to music from movies like Jungle Book and Lion King.

Julie: I can also bring in musical instruments and have them make their own jungle music.

Nichole: Or have them bring their own instruments.

Julie: You’re right, some take lessons and have their own. I’ll bring extra…

Nichole:…like percussion?

Julie: Yeah…for the ones who don’t have any. You know, I saw a recipe for making a jungle themed cake on a cooking show.

Nichole: Cool. And for after the cake, if you bring old national geographic magazines and butcher block paper along with paper crayons, washable markers, and glue stick “creative kit bags,” they can walk away with their own creative designs and with the kits.

Julie: This is all such a great idea. Just one thing I don’t know if I can get ready.

Nichole: What’s that?

Julie: Get Howie ready for a party with no presents…


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Thursday Short Story Slam Week 7

You were supposed to write a story or poem based on the picture above. So I wrote a little play. Hope they don’t mind.

Since the Animal Rights community liked my previous poem, I wrote this with an AR theme.

Picture from:

Dog Helps Elephant

Dog and Elephant at Country Nights

Dog Helps Elephant

Poor baby elephant
taken from mama;
gotta get away
from the circus drama.

Elephants need
a social surrounding,
not where crowds
are loudly resounding.

Baby is scared
to be away so long.
The circus crowd
is a great big throng.

So puppy comes ‘round.
He can find the way,
to get baby back
to baby’s herd far away.

They wander together,
over land and sea,
to get to the spot
where they’ll find mommy.

The trunk holds the tail,
which therefore can’t wag.
But the Doggie moves on.
Neither friend can lag.

They finally come upon,
a low rumbling sound.
It the herd’s way of talking,
so they can be found.

Then baby looks high.
And baby looks low
‘til finally mama’s face
begins to glow.

They are reunited,
thanks to canine friend,
who stays with the herd
for days on end.


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Short Story Slam Week 6-Children’s Literature

You were supposed to write a story or poem based on the picture above.

Even though you aren’t supposed to write these if you are a serious writer or poet, I really have fun writing these. They are totally stress free and fun.

The coolest thing about this poem is that I got to write and post an Animal Rights poem, my first one.  Yay!!!

Messy Little Girl

Messy Little Girl

Mama’s gone shopping,
time to uproot.
Grandma won’t mind
if there’s dirt on the fruit.

Messy little girl,
spits on the soil
plays a crazy game
rolls up roots in a coil.

Who wrote the rules
whence plants must stay;
when there are no friends
who can come and play?

Messy little girl
turned over the pot.
The plant might live
Or perhaps, it might not.


Written for:

Jingle Poetry

I was asked by someone involved with bluebell to write something about this image, which is credited to -> Mother Nature’s Network. I figured, why not, and even made it rhyme.

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Open Link Night ~ Week 39

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M is for Me me me!