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Portrait of Quiddy

I was wondering what I could possibly put up for Q for this week’s Wordless Wednesday, since everything I post this year is a portrait, I would need either a person who had a name starting with Q or participated in an occupation starting with Q.

I was at Walmart, taking pictures of the actual Walmart store-front, for another project, when I saw a young woman playing guitar. I went over to her and asked if I could take her picture and she said, “okay.” So I did.

During the interview, I asked Quiddy for her name and she gave me her real name but then decided to give me her nickname because that’s what everyone calls her. You should have seen my face when I found out that it started with a Q.

Quiddy played guitar and sang. She explained that she practiced for stage performances by practicing in front of various stores. She called it busking.

Quiddy said that on that particular Sunday, when I met her, she and her girlfriend were busking from one Walmart to another, all around Antelope Valley, or as she called it, “ubering around from one grocery store to another.”

Quiddy had been playing guitar since she was a little kid. She played country music and blues. I asked her if she was dressed the way you see her dressed in the picture because of the cliche of The Blues Brothers and she said, “No. This is how I dress. This is how I dress everyday. This is my look. This is my existence.”

I decided to stylize this picture this way because I thought it would look good on a poster for an underground Blues Nightclub. I hope Quiddy likes it and it represents her and her music.

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21-Q by Roger

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Wordless Wednesday
No, seriously: BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Image Credits: Bat-Ami Gordin ©2017 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.

Too Many Car Blues

Too Many Cars - How many More in the Three Car Garage?

Too Many Car Blues

There’s a janky ol’ dude.
He keeps forty nine cars.
He stays with his mama.
She collects cannin’ jars.

He’s got seven pit bulls
that will tear you to shreds.
They crap on his rugs.
Sleep on their stinkin’ beds.

He got up one mornin’,
sneezin’ mightier than hell.
Them dogs peed inside.
He done holla and yell.

Got in the Town Car,
got a nail in a tire.
When he changed up the spare,
darn engine caught on fire.

The next day he drove,
an old Chevy truck.
Road to the reserve:
He had mighty fine luck.

He took all his cash,
bought himself a new Ford.
Now he’s gots fifty cars
by the Grace of the Lord.


Here’s another “One Stop Poetry Challenges.” This time I’m writing in response to Form Monday “The Blues:

OK, this is nothing like anything you are used to me seeing. As @Deshair has said in the past, my poems are vocabulary lessons. Well, this is just another type of vocabulary.

So, for those of you used to seeing me use words like chemiluminescent and nanomanipulator, he’s a whole different set of vocabulary words to ponder. I happen to favor “janky.”

on 183rd

Deadbeatniks Graffiti By Joel Friese

on 183rd

on 183rd with a dozen spray paint cans:
blues of all moods, an orange and pink,
a mean type of brown (it’s a bit like red ink)

he announced a band, from a time long ago
when rebels rejected old middle class views
when jazz was exciting (only politics made the news)

he drew a motif on cold urban bricks
to soften the hardness of the dullest of greys
and brighten up anxiety, driven, sad mournful days

no one had noticed (it’s another city wall)
the metropolean sounds blocked out the sights
thus, his artwork just faded into a lonely black night


Here’s another “One Stop Poetry Challenges.” This time I’m writing in response to the graffiti art page:

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Poetry Jam – the sound of music •♪•♫•♪•

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Write2Day: Music and the Written Word