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Portrait of Yvette

I first started doing my portrait project on January 1, 2017 and was determined to go for an entire year, that is publish 365 portraits blog posts, one a day. Today is June 1st. That means I have completed five months of this goal. The honest truth is, I really can’t stand doing this some days. It’s not the photography I don’t like. It’s the blogging. I love taking all these pictures. I love meeting new people and learning about them. I don’t love doing the write ups, and then checking my writing, and and then posting on the blog.

I also realize, that to be a good blogger, I should be reading other people’s blogs and “liking” and making comments. I try to do that as much as I can. But often I don’t simply because I’m too tired to even do my own blog. Sorry for not reciprocating enough.

This is Yvette. I didn’t think I would get a bride for my portrait project, but I happened to be in the park the other day, and there she was, getting her picture taken with her husband to be with their wedding photographer. When they were done, she was kind enough to let me take her portrait.

Let me tell you guys something. Never show me your wedding album. Also if you’re a photographer, I would hesitate showing me your wedding photography. I have this really bad habit of not liking anyone’s wedding photography and ripping it apart in my mind. I am generally polite, like everyone else, and say, “oh this is so nice.” But in my head I’m critiquing every aspect of the pictures. So what you are going to now read is my comments on my own wedding picture.

First of all, this is probably my first wedding picture. I do know all the techniques. I used to be an assistant. But that doesn’t mean I took the pictures, so the best part of the picture, is her train which is laid out very very well. But, the front of her dress could be laid out a bit better.

Problems with the picture are: she’s slouching a little bit, her hands are in the wrong position, her elbows could be out a little more, her shoulders should be up and forward a little more and and her neck should be a little more straight, sort of like when you’re taking ballet class and the teacher says pretend there’s a string on top of your head and it’s pulling you up words. I should have asked her to fix all that. However, since I really had only one shot, because she and her beloved were literally on the way to church, and she was kind enough to stop for a second, I didn’t get a chance to make it perfect.

The parking lot is in the background. That’s got to be the biggest failure. I could Photoshop it out, but let the world see my mistakes. DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE.

Yvette didn’t have time to be interviewed, so I know nothing about her. I figured I’d take the time to explain a little bit about where I stand on this project and how I felt about this picture. Again, I think it was so nice of Yvette to stop for about two minutes to let me do this. She let me straighten her train, get her in position and let me snap a shot.

Even getting in position took a while because I was using a fixed focal length lens so I had to keep moving back until I got her in the right position. I’m sure she was used to people using zoom lenses and wherever they stood, they could get the whole figure. This probably would look better with an 85mm lens. But I used the 50mm lens. With an 85 mm lens, though, I’d be a football stadium distance away (exaggeration.)

I found out today, that I have cataracts, and I’m going to be needing cataract surgery. So I have to debate whether or not I’m going to just quit my project. The other option is to take a lot of pictures before the surgery, get all the blog post done in in a queue (I sort of do that anyway.) And then just hit publish on the different days. Well that’s something I’m going to have to decide.

For those of you who’ve been sticking with me, thanks for looking at my pictures and thanks for following me and thanks for everything.

Image Credits: Bat-Ami Gordin ©2017 all rights reserved. Credit if you use it, please.

congregating tribes

Brides and grooms arrive at a mass marriage ceremony at Bahirkhand village, north of Kolkata Feb 6, 2011.

congregating tribes

the tribes had met
they congregated every spring
the tribes had met
they ventured there despite the threat
to trade and barter everything
to marry off and seal with ring
the tribes had met


This Rondelet was written for:

The assignment was  write a poem about congregate.

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Prompt: Tribe

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The Gooseberry Garden
Gooseberry Garden

Poetry Picnic Week 22: Spring, Colors, Trees, and New Lives

The Rondelet form is:

– – – A
– – – – – – – b
– – – A
– – – – – – – a
– – – – – – – b
– – – – – – – b
– – – A

Photo credit:  China Daily