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Portrait of Sister Mary Veronica

Sister Mary Veronica was stationed at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Rosamond, California, USA. The Rosamond, California parish needed nuns for their school, specifically for a homeschool Co-op program.

Sister Mary Veronica came with another nun to Rosamond. She was sent from Poor Clare Nuns of Spokane in Spokane Washington. They sent out nuns to Mission schools; there were five Mission schools in the United States.

Sister Mary Veronica was very proud of her new Church because it was a rebuilt Masonic temple that had a beautiful statue of “Our Lady” in front of the altar and she posed an invitation, “all are welcome to come inside.”

An organ was brought to the church and a choir was assembled. The choir sang mostly church hymns and Gregorian chants. Mary Sister Mary Veronica sang Alto in the choir. The choir was made up mostly of children, teenagers and young adults. When the choir sings chants, of course they sang in one voice.

Sister Mary Veronica was originally from San Antonio, Texas. She came to Spokane, Washington from San Antonio, Texas.

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