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Days of Cohan

Yul Brynner poster face to face with George M. Cohan statue on Duffy Square

Days of Cohan


on whom did cohan step
such that he
stands alone
in duffy square
for ever and all time

to stare at
the skinhead
fusion king
of vladavostok
jewess womb
rumanian gypsy
etc etc etc


once upon a time
the snappy
got sent
on holiday
to a rigged up
derby race

give my regards to
yankee doodle youtube
when a hundred dancers
stood in their place
no smart phones
vibrating in their pockets
making their way home
on cunning alone
virtual love
nothing but reality
avoiding all 3D
from either the school
of song
the school
of dance


Written and Posted:
Magpie Tales – Mag 99

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Where you were supposed to: Create a conversation between a person and his / her sub-ordinate about living in one’s shadow. I think this piece can be interpreted that way.

Photo Credit: image: Lee Friedlander, 1966.

Phase Limerick

Man and Stripper

Phase Limerick

A fellow who went through a phase
was beguiled by raunchy ballets.
He sneaked into the playhouse,
reached into a dancer’s blouse,
now in jail he must spend seven days.


Written for: Limerick-Off Monday  “phase”

Photo Credit: bajansunonline Stripper Rapes Best Man