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Planning To Back Limerick

Cracked Broken Hard Drive

Planning To Back Limerick

A programmer was planning to back,
His data up in an old school style rack.
The CPU broke.
Then it let out some smoke.
Now the hard drive’s got some nasty big crack.


Written for: Limerick-Off Monday  Planning To Back Limericks

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Photo Credit: cracked-broken-hard-drive

Random Data Senryu

Cluster Column chart

random test sample

customized generator

excel data chart


clustered column charts

resolved excel support

clarified data


I had excelled

using nothing but scraps

and yet I prevailed


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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday – #123


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Photo Credit: arlingtonmama
Photo Credit – I created this chart on Excel.  For data I used Generate Data dot com