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Four Free Style Senryu

Four Free Style Senryu

Horses and Wave

horses by the sea
foaming like incoming waves
manes blowing with wind

Picture Credit:  Intellectual Development

Event Horizon

beams and rays of light
nominal light speed travel
stops at the black hole

(Illustration: XMM-Newton/ESA/NASA)

Solar Sail Jupiter

solar sail power
will get us to Jupiter
faster than rocket

Art work:  Space art portfolio (original artwork, © Mark A. Garlick)

Desert View

bountiful source of verse
and photography

Picture Credit:   Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2010 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.


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Join the fun!

This week’s theme is: Free Style

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Flawlessly Flopping for “F”

ornamented joshua

Yucca with Ornaments - Tanka

ornamented joshua

stout gymnospermous?
Yucca brevifolia
bedecked with trinkets!
does it make a difference
when it's time to celebrate?


I found this on Dawn Road, in Rosamond, CA 93560, USA
Coordinates – 34° 54′ 12″ N 118° 09′ 51″ W

Some people might refer to this as the middle of nowhere.

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dVerse Christmas

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Prompt: festive

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Picture Credit:  Bat-Ami Gordin  © 2011 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

Desert Canopy

Autumn Trees on Newgrove

Desert Canopy

sparse hidden life
shaded from tormenting sun
crawling, hovering and hopping
in the early dawn and night

  air clean
  air clear
air oh so dry

in town
man-made oasis
filters radiance

dense canopy
deciduous color


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I Saw Sunday – Week 62

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Tina’s picstory   –  highlight sunday # 10

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The Gooseberry Garden
Gooseberry Garden – Poetry Picnic Week 15 :

November, Winter, Change, and Hope

Also posted on: Winter and summer: which will win?

Photo Credit: Mine (c) 2011 all rights reserved, credit if you use it, please.

Restricted Souls

Lonely Desert Tunnel

Restricted Souls

A procession of mules to his eminent domain is
a revolutionary reverie to restrict them all.

His abode always has been the outcast plane;
A hellish domain meaning to restrict souls of all.

‘Tis an archane desolation fogenshrouded by his
medieval alchemy that control’s the souls of all.

Sonic booms, over his orthodox solitude
shake up his sermon as he restricts us all.

Vertical transition. Instantaneous cadence
of a pious man who’s soul must restrict all.

Currency is worthless next to liver or spleen.
Bribes never pass on his plate: he restricts it all.

He sees through diamonds, worn by all.
Hide your gems, lest his soul restrict all.


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 D’verse Poets Pub.

John Alwyine-Mosley challenged the poets  to write a Ghazal. Please go to the link to learn more about this form.

People seemed to have stopped giving real critiques and are back to saying how much they liked things. I don’t learn anything from just compliments. Please, people who hate this, tell me why. People who actually do like it, how can it be improved.

Photo credit goes to me. It’s a tunnel just north of Tehachapi, CA.

Posted on The Thursday Think Tank #57 – Loneliness

Numb Inducing

Numb Inducing

Numb inducing expectations
accumulate like broken glass
on a marble tile floor.

Cut nerves of your skin
self-repair like lines of ants
following in an unnatural path.

I shrink to their level —
work in the mulch, in the compost.

Sadly my eyes drop; you fill me
with little shots of pain as
I carry ten times more than you need.


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 dversepoets “meeting-the-bar-critique-and-craft”

The challenge was to write a poem that participants can critique and fix.

So here is my post. I apologize to anyone who is looking for the types of poems you are used to seeing here. This is exactly the kind of thing I never wanted to post online, and also, I no longer write this kind of poetry. I wrote this in 2001 and never bothered to fix it up. So please, have at it. How do I fix this?  I can only learn from what you have to say.

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Jenny Matlock

Thursday Letter – N

Photo Credit:

Sonnet XXXVI

Mystery of the Lights of Mankind

Sonnet XXXVI

Halogen splendidly shines. Tungsten floods.
Illuminated motorways span
the distinctive desert landscape. Light buds
are a bright incandescent urban plan.
Congruent energies are constrained
to white lines. Regions delineated
by mercury-vapors can be contained
in a contrasting field. Initiated,
baffling magic underscores mankind’s offspring.
They grew wings to fly and live between light
and dark. They see spider web lamps flick’ring
when sparkling crystals twinkle through the night.
Astronauts see cities like a portrait
as they sojourn through levels of orbit.


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OpenLinkNight ~ week 36

This comes from

It’s a picture by @Astro_Wheels AKA Douglas H. Wheelock taken on May 29, 2011 from the International Space Station.

It was hard to write. What to write about for such a cool but strange picture? I had to research types of lighting to get some great terms to add in (halogen, mercury-vapor, incandescent.)