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Dog in Leaves

Dirty Dog

Dog in Leaves

i had just completed
the raking of leaves
the yard was clean:
one of my pet peeves,

when no one’s pet
came along in my yard
his coat was matted
his face was scarred.

i did not know
if he would lick or bite
a strange injured dog
can be quite a fright.

i lifted my rake
for protection, you see
the dog had big teeth
and might attack me.

he looked at me
with eyes rather sad;
i knew in my heart
this dog was not bad.

he hadn’t eaten in days
and seemed rather frail.
he sat on the ground
and thumped his tail.

as i lowered my rake,
he stood up to leap
yet not on myself,
but on the big heap.

the leaves flew up high
the yellow, red and green,
he landed beside me
the happiest dog i had seen.

so on that autumn day
he decided my fate,
in a pile of color
i met my best mate.


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Rainbow in Rainy Clouds Haiku


across grey clouds

rainbow hangs in sky



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 showers bring flowers

 from bulbs planted early fall



This haiku was posted for The Purple Treehouse:

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Yeah, I know, the title is almost as long as the poem. Such it is with Haiku.