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Portrait of Col Clarke

In this portrait, Col. Anne L. Clark, PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering, stood before a mock-up of a current U.S. rocket engine, on display at the Air Force Research Laboratory, during the Rocket Lab’s Family Day, an event that brought employees, alumni and their families together to join in a variety of activities, demonstrations and displays as part of the rocket lab’s 65th anniversary.

In August 2016, Colonel Clark assumed command of AFRL’s Detachment 7, known for the past 65 years as “the rocket lab” and “the rock.” This 65-square mile research laboratory sits on Leuhman Ridge east of Rodgers Dry Lakebed at Edwards Air Force Base, California, USA. Prior to her current position, Colonel Clark served as the Military Assistant to the Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force , Washington, D.C.

For more about Colonel Clark’s impressive career and academic credentials, see her LinkedIn profile.

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