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Astronaut Up High Limerick

Space Picture by Ilya Benkin

Astronaut Up High Limerick

An astronaut was terribly high
She was floating around in the sky
She saw a light appear
In the shape of a spear
It’s an object they can’t identify!


Written for: Limerick-Off Monday  “high”

Photo credit:

Digital Art – Gallery Online

We Tried to Get to Grandma’s House

Chance of Sunshine: Follow Rain Home

We Tried to Get to Grandma’s House

We’re trying to get to grandma’s house,
but we just can’t disembark.
The rains are mighty heavy now,
to get there we  need an ark.

Rainfall records broke today.
The roads are swimming pools.
With roads all flooded and destroyed,
drivers must break many rules.

Mudslides were triggered everywhere;
one car slid into a ditch.
Our neighbor’s car wouldn’t start today
he had a ruined ignition switch.

The winds are expected to be on par
with the type of storm ensuing.
They say that what we’ve seen till now
is nothing like what is brewing.

A storm watch is in effect right now,
many inches of rain expected.
Trees will fall and roofs may blow
unless they were soundly erected.

Traffic volumes will be extreme.
Demons will chide motorists
who fidget in their forsaken cars
wishing to slit their wrists.

We thought about conditions out there
and decided to stay at home.
We’d light a fire, and make a meal
leave the other commuters to roam.

We’re trying to get to grandma’s house,
but we just can’t disembark.
The rains are mighty heavy now,
to get there we  need an ark.


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Jingle Poetry
Short Story Slam Week 16

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Poetry Picnic Week 18: Snow, December, Winter Vacations, and Wildness

mythic art girl in a tree

Sky Reading

mythic art girl in a tree

mythic girl in the tree
pressed into the hearts of leaves
and floating in the ferns
the legacy is her seat
she thinks its a ride
the reading flows
with announcements
and knowledge

fancy little art girl
busier than ping-pong
thick as jasmine tea
she burns without pain
a mental excursion
no blood, but stil dangerous

the magical girl
waiting to share books with
her transformational sister
full of surprises
she must be bitten
to change her outlook

girl with a smile
never wasting knowledge
never losing the yen to learn
doesn’t hear the voice of caution
characters collapse
she is disposable

girl without a library card
time to exchange books with friends
cool enough to show her feelings
when she learns that death
is a one-time important thing
can she find it in her soul
to love the wolf, the giant or the witch


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Short Story Slam Week 13

Image Credit Sky Reading by A Chance of Sunshine