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for the thousandth time

Friendship by rebela-wanted

for the thousandth time

for the thousandth time
you burst in without knocking
(it’s permanently open to you.)
I sniff the spirit
that signals your presence
(an experience one never forgets.)

who else could mitigate?
conterminous affairs, alleviated;
exposed to your core, renovated.
stronger, we camouflage indifferences,
and prevent piercing yelps
from penetrating some phony smile.

long conversations,
sometimes called debates
(yelling like fireworks.)
from outside, a facade —
they might call it abuse
(it’s a form of obedient respect.)

together we start a candy bar.
sobriety, in our minds.
no need for questions
to answers well known.
dispensing honor. beaming pride —
behind childish laughter.


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