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Portrait of Suzanne

Suzanne was a retired teacher who started off teaching in elementary school and high school and also taught English for non-English speakers. Toward the end of her career, she taught the General Equivalency Degree (G.E.D.) which certifies people who didn’t complete a high school diploma.

Suzanne started her college career at Marymount College in Palos Verdes, California, USA. But towards the end of her studies, she moved to the Loyola campus when Marymount joined with Loyola to become Loyola Marymount University. She majored in education and English and minored in French.

When Suzanne taught English, she preferred teaching literature. However, when she was teaching the GED, she had to teach a lot of writing. She found that it was difficult to teach people how to analyze all the aspects necessary to do a “five-part essay.” It was especially difficult to teach the non-English speakers to write essays.

At the time that we met, her daughter was also a teacher and Suzanne went to assist her daughter in her class two times a week. Suzanne noted that, “now they teach essay format at an earlier age.”

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